No Taxes in Adana

Adana Metropolitan Municipality, 1 reported that the increase in private public buses and dolmus wages after the end of the boarding pass from August was unrealistic.


The Adana Metropolitan Municipality, 1 announced that the allegations of the increase in private public buses and minibuses after the transfer of public transport to Kentkart, Araçkart and contactless credit cards were made after the transfer of public transportation. The Department of Transportation of the Adana Metropolitan Municipality, 16 August 2017 has announced that since the date of 24.94, diesel prices have increased by XNUMX.


The Adana Metropolitan Municipality provided full automation in the electronic fee collection system, which was implemented in order to carry out the public transportation service in a safe and economical way, and 1 ended the application of private public buses and minibuses from the 2018 August. As of the said date, citizens, municipal buses and metro, as well as private public buses and minibuses Kentkart, began to travel using the vehicle card and contactless credit cards. Following the entry into force of this application, some internet platforms and social media on the rise of public transportation charges of malicious people in unreal sharing of drew attention to unreal. Therefore, the Department of Transportation of the Metropolitan Municipality of Adana announced that there was no increase in the current tariffs and that the prices of the same year were the same.


In the statement made by Adana Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Department, it is reported that the Transportation Coordination Center (UKOME) of the public transportation fare tariffs is determined by the decision of 16 dated August 2017, so far there has been no increase in the public transportation fees for nearly a year despite the increase in diesel prices by 24.94. . 18 April 2018 dated by the UKOME decision of the private public bus and full charge of the difference between the charge of the 30 kururdan 20 penny has been reduced. In addition, at the UKOME meeting of 18 July 2018, it was stated that the private public bus and minibus passengers were entitled to take advantage of Araçkart to prevent the passengers from getting out of the car when there was no Kentkartı, and the fee was equaled to an already existing boarding ticket.


In the statement of Adana Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Department, the tariff which is valid for one year is re-submitted to the public opinion of Adana;

COLLECTION City Bus and Metro Private Public Bus Filled
Smart Card Student 1,40 ₺ 1,55 ₺ 1,75 ₺
reduced 1,80 ₺ - -
Civilian 2,25 ₺ 2,35 ₺ 2,55 ₺
Vehicle Card - 3,00 ₺ 3,00 ₺
Embarkation With Contactless Credit Card 2,25 ₺ 2,35 ₺ 2,55 ₺
Electronic Ticket (Use At) Fees 1 Embarkation 3,00 ₺
2 Embarkation 5,50 ₺
3 Embarkation 10,50 ₺
City Buses and 1 in Metro 2 in Hours. Boarding passes are free.
FREE City Bus and Metro Private Public Bus Filled**
65 Age Above Free Free -
Disabled Free Free -
veterans Free Free -
Şehit and Gazi Relatives Free Free -

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