Bus Station Producing Its Own Energy In Muğla, Coming Into Service Soon

Muğla Metropolitan Mayor Dr.Osman Gürün examined the works on the intercity bus station construction at the end of his construction in Menteşe district.

One of the exemplary projects of Muğla Metropolitan Municipality in Muğla and the construction of the roof of the Menteşe Intercity Bus Station, which is one of the exemplary projects with the production of electricity from solar energy, was examined by President Gürün.

The most investing company with the investment of 969 Million TL to Muğla is the Regional Museum, Türkan Saylan Life Center, Yatağan Swimming Pool and Sports Complex, Menteşe Town Square project, Turgutreis Life Center, Bodrum Customs Building renovation, Menteşe Urban Design Road, Ortaca Culture Muğla Metropolitan Municipality 153 Million 11 Thousand 186 TL, which has been awarded to Muğla by 400 Million TL investment which continues to work as a result of ongoing works, has come to an end in the Menteşe Intercity Bus Station.

President Gürün; ”Innovative, Environmentalist Projects Are Very Good for Muğla“

Menteşe District Intercity bus station, and the authorities received information from the Muğla Metropolitan Municipality Mayor. Osman Gurun said that the bus stations across the city of Muğla will be taken out of the city and the urban traffic will be relieved. Mayor of Muğla Metropolitan Municipality Osman Gürün; Uz We continue to bring modern, environmentally friendly facilities to our city, which will raise the living standards of our citizens in Muğla. Our ongoing Mentese intercity bus station is an exemplary work for the bus terminal projects in Muğla. Our bus station is organized according to the characteristics of our district, population growth and needs. Considering the sunbathing time of our Mugla, the roof of our bus station was completely constructed with solar panels. Our bus station will cover the 80 of electricity consumption from the energy it derives from the roof. We also aim to relieve city traffic and transportation by taking bus stations out of the city. After the Menteşe district, we will start the construction of bus stations with the same innovative architectural concept as our bus terminal in Menteşe. Ment

First and Example Projects in Turkey

Hinge applied to the bus station roof solar power plant shows first of its kind in Turkey. The hinge will meet approximately 80 of its own energy needs with the solar power plant at the intercity bus terminal roof. This corresponds to the annual electricity consumption of the 320 household. It will contribute to the country's economy with its own electricity. At the same time, the cost of building materials with solar energy panels used as building elements is not formed. Solar panels also have solar panels on glass windows feature unlike traditional panel public sphere in Turkey 'also allows the use of the daylight by allowing the passage of daylight this application applied for the first time, unlike traditional solar panels in the building with this technology. Domestic production panels are supported by the developing solar energy panel production technologies in this area.

The power of the domestic production solar panels is 160W and there is a solar panel in the 1760 units and the total installed power is 281.6 kWhp. The 96 meter covers the entire 40 square meter roof area, which is the size of the 3840 meter.



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