Cemetery Junction Bridge Opened to Traffic Before Feast

📩 24/12/2018 15:59

Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality completed the work on the extension of the Cemetery Junction Bridge. Seeing the final version of the bridge, which will reduce the traffic density in the region before the feast, the Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality Fatma Şahin said, ğ We are an ambitious city. There is no other municipality that has completed the 13 junction in a period. Bir

President Sahin, Cemetery Junction Bridge expansion studies, found the authorities completed the bridge, received information about the bridge.


Mayor Fatma Sahin, D da 400-Silk Road is an important transportation corridor located both in the city center and in the city, stating, terek under the leadership of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan 16 years ago when we set off the road 'civilization' we said. Gazi City is a city that has hosted the world's oldest civilizations. For this reason we have received very serious government investment. The cemetery junction, which is our 13 junction in our period, is over. There is no other municipality in our size that completes the construction of the 13 junction in a period, I do not know such a municipality.


In order to relieve the traffic of the city, we prepared the transportation master plan first to solve the problems related to the way, then we implemented the emergency plan and opened the roads. In particular, we have strengthened D-400 connections. If we didn't take such a measure, the traffic would be a rat race. We made arrangements both in the middle of the city and opened new reconstruction roads and intersections. The heart of the city is the heart of the city. 400 comes from a civilization where a thousand people brought prayers to the family of Sılah-i Rahim. We had to facilitate access to the cemetery during the Feast of Sacrifice. Both highways and metropolitan teams have been working in the trench house and we are opening this path before the sacrifice. 'This is not a citizen who uses the axle,' he paved the road of Gaziray, and since the month of 4 we have provided the traffic flow in another alternative way, which requires vision and courage, and shows the team's ability and capacity. The Cemetery Junction was a great intersection. The quality of life of any citizen did not deteriorate, there was no problem of citizen satisfaction. Alternative roads that opened during construction solved the problems. In a very short period of time, we have solved the jam in the line to GATEM and Small Industrial Site. Labour would like to thank everyone who contributed. 'Unity force is born' we said, we put our hands under the stone we managed to get good luck to our city, '' he said.

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