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Mega Yacht production, one of the leading sectors in Turkey's maritime area. Each year an average of 20 20 growing so meters above boat and yacht manufacturing industrial mega yachts in Turkey after Italy and the Netherlands third in the world. Turkish producers have been awarded many awards every year for their high quality, international standards and stylish designs.

or Europeans living in any part of the world and 'custom made' or people who want to have a cheap and they prefer Turkey because of the quality.

Yacht and boat manufacturing, Marmara and Aegean regions with Antalya and Kocaeli free zones are prominent. Nowadays, high-tech carbon fiber based composite materials are used in yacht production. Therefore, the rate of localization in the sector is currently around 50. 60 of the cost of production is material, while 20 is labor.

In addition, the maintenance and repair of mega yachts is also great. Our large shipyards can make planned and unplanned maintenance. Its contribution to the economy of our country is very large.

To compare the price of a mid-size 18 meter yacht price 1.5 million euros. The price of others is increasing according to size and project.

Turkish yachts on the list of mega yachts that are listed as the world's largest 200 yacht;

1-Maltese Falcon (88 m.) - Perini Navi (Star Vessel) / Tuzla.
2-Go (77 m.) - Turquoise Yachts / Pendik
4-3Vicky (72,5 m.) - Turquoise Yachts / Pendik
5-Axioma (72 m.) - World Yachts / Pendik
6-Victoria (71 m.) - AES Yachts / Tuzla
7-Nourah of Riyadh (70 m.) - Yachtley Yachts / Kocaeli
8-Bonus: Dream (Poseidonos) (106 m.) - Haliç Shipyards

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