118 Cooperation Agreement Signed in Generation and Road Project


118 Cooperation Agreements Signed in the Belt and Road Project: Within the 5 years, 103 cooperation agreements were signed between 118 countries and international organizations and China regarding the 'Belt and Road' project. Ning Jizhe, Vice President of the Generation and Road Construction Studies Leadership Group Office, held a press conference on the subject today in Beijing.

Ning said that in the 5 years since the 'Belt and Road' initiative was put forward, significant progress has been achieved in many cooperation projects.

Chinese-Pakistan Economic Corridor construction progresses smoothly, he said, adding that the construction of China-Laos, China-Thailand and Hungary-Serbia railways is carried out with steady steps.

Ning also informed that the construction of a part of the high-speed railroad between Cakarda and Bandung has started, Gwadar Port is completely ready for use and there are 10 thousand flights by cargo trains (CR Express) from China to Europe.

Ning also pointed out that as of the end of June, the product trade volume between China and the countries on the 'Belt and Road' route exceeded $ 5 trillion and China's foreign direct investment amounted to $ 70 billion.



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