Additional Lane Opened for Public Transport Vehicles in Kocaeli is in Service Today

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality completed the work of the additional strip for public transport between Ankara and Adnan Menderes, which are located in D-100, and Turgut Özal Overpass. 14 The additional lanes, which will be operational from Tuesday morning (Today), will be used by public transport. Public transport vehicles will be opened at the stops in the new lane passenger-to-ride. This will reduce the traffic load on the D-100.

Within the scope of the study that will ease the traffic load of the city in the city, the thousand tons pmt was laid on the additional lane. The asphalt pavement was also added to the road section. Border and parquet work was also carried out in the strip. This project between Adnan Menderes Pedestrian Overpass and Turgut Özal Pedestrian Overpass has been removed from two lanes to D-500 Ankara between two pedestrian bridges.

The new lanes will only be used by public transport and service vehicles. Stall locations will also change with the new ribbon to be added. The People's House stop will be in front of the İSU promotion station (former Gendarmerie Housing) while Turgut Özal Overpass stop will be located opposite the Ekşi Business Center. On the other hand, Mimar Sinan Yaya Bridge, which is located on the route, provides escalators and elevator system for the elderly and disabled citizens to use the stops.



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