10 New CNG-Fueled Buses Started Service in Kayseri

Mayor of Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality, introduced new natural gas buses and 3,5 133 buses said they received a year.

Metropolitan Municipality continues to bring new generation public transportation vehicles to Kayseri in order to make the city transportation more comfortable. Metropolitan Mayor Mustafa Celik, a new ceremony in the Republic Square and cost approximately 16,5 million TL 10 18 meter-length bellows bus introduced to the public. President Steel, 3,5 133 reached the number of buses in the year reached by expressing this figure pointed out a very important investment.

In addition to the Mayor Mustafa Çelik, the Mayor of the AK Party, Şaban Çopuroğlu, district mayors, bureaucrats and citizens attended the ceremony held in Cumhuriyet Square for the promotion of the new generation of public transportation which will further ease the transportation of our city.

In his speech in the introductory program evaluating the country's agenda, Mayor Celik Steel, "You know that our country faced an economic terror. 15 With the treacherous attempt in July, the forces that could not rule our sovereignty, sovereignty or independence, tried to complete what they had done by economic terror. So in July 15 could not learn from the upright position of this nation. So, in July, 15 didn't learn lessons from the tokens we put on traitors and collaborators. 15 The next day of July, as 40 annulled the annual plan, we will expel economic terror by the will of Allah. As always, I would like to express my gratitude to our President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and to the people of Turkey who never leaned back and never stepped back with the power he received from his nation. Her

As in the process of economic terrorism during the process of economic terrorism as Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality, Mustafa Çelik emphasized that they continued their investments without losing speed. Olarak We didn't pull our foot and we didn't lower our tempo. 15 We continued our investments by laying the foundation of Hulusi Akar Boulevard right after July and now we continue our investments in all areas without slowing down. As you have witnessed, we work day and night in every field from infrastructure to urban transformation, from social projects to projects that will increase production. While we make great investments in every field, we give more importance to transportation. For this reason, we declared the Year of Transportation last year. In this context, we started the construction of three different boulevards. In addition to the existing intersections, we have started the construction of the 15 multi-storey junction and will complete this period. We expanded our existing roads, made arrangements at our intersections and facilitated the flow of traffic. We did not say the Year of Transportation to this year, but we continue our investments with a much higher tempo. On the one hand we are making the transportation infrastructure much better and we are trying to make public transportation more widespread and more comfortable. Tan

Metropolitan Municipality's transportation fleet of new generation vehicles continue to grow and young people expressed that the Metropolitan, Mayor Steel, the cost of transportation to the fleet of approximately 16,5 million TL 18 meters of natural gas vehicles added to the size of the 10 said. In order to popularize public transportation, President Çelik stated that they had previously bought a 30 rail vehicle, daha Then we started to buy bus. First 35 50, then 20 bus 105 bus have been added to our total fleet. In addition to these, the 10 bus joins our transportation network. These buses, which we call the Bellows, will work in the busy lines of our city. We also made the tender for electric buses and the construction of these buses continues. We will take these buses from the coming days. 18 units of electric buses will be 8 meters long and will be the size of rail vehicles. We are also introducing 25 xNUMX electric buses on the length of the buses we introduce today. Thus, the total number of buses we receive in 18 annually becomes 10 Böylece.

Emphasizing that they will continue to work without being affected by any negativities, Mayor Mustafa Celik stated that armed or economic terrorism cannot prevent them from making efforts for this city and this country. At the end of his speech, President Çelik expressed his wish that new generation public transportation vehicles would be beneficial to our city.
Metropolitan Mayor Mustafa Celik, after the speech with the participants examined the new tools. Transportation A.Ş. General Manager Feyzullah Gundogdu, 145 passenger capacity natural gas vehicle is friendly to nature, he said. That of the passenger safety system and Gundogdu 24 hours of expressing it can be observed the vehicle online, car in addition, one of Turkey's first "emergency button" noted can be found is in, expressing alarm to any negativity management fleet by these buttons are pushed into the center. Mayor Mustafa Celik, also emphasized the comfort of vehicles and said that there are all kinds of air conditioning in these vehicles.

Newly purchased natural gas buses President Steel, district mayors and citizens in the convoy with the Republican Square went to the Metropolitan Municipality. The vehicles will be serviced in the neighborhoods of Kayseri.

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