Decisions to Stop the Execution for the Izmir Gulf Transit Project

In the lawsuit filed against the Gulf Crossing Project, which is the 'crazy project' for AKP, the administrative court decided to stop the execution.

TMMOB Izmir Provincial Coordination Board, EGEÇEP and Doğa Derneği against the Izmir Gulf Transition Project in the lawsuit was decided to stop execution. The Ministry of Environment and Urbanization approved the environmental impact assessment report of the İzmir Gulf Transition Project, which was planned to cross the Gulf south-north direction in March 2017. If the Izmir Gulf Highway was built, Gediz Delta, where one of the ten flamingos live in the world, would be under great threat and the birds and the natural life in the bay would be damaged. The Izmir Administrative Court has recently decided to stop the execution of the Izmir Gulf Transition Project based on the official report of an expert panel composed of 85 academicians.

İzmir's Gediz Delta is one of the most important habitats of many bird species, especially flamingos. Gediz Delta, one of the 14 internationally important Ramsar sites in Turkey, is protected as a Natural Protected Area at the same time. Turkey has one of the largest coastal wetlands in the face and the measurement of Izmir Gediz Delta is very flamingo nest from 40 thousand, UNESCO is providing all of the four criteria for World Natural Heritage Site. Therefore, the decision taken is of historical importance for the world case law.

The Izmir Administrative Court used the following statements in its historical decision regarding this important area: geological information is very general and small scale, does not include detailed mapping and ground survey studies specific to the project, there is no clear information about the ground information that constitutes the basis of the project, the fault lines given in the EIA project do not include current literature information, the active fault and that the connection seals in this section are capable of tolerating the expected horizontal and vertical displacements in a possible earthquake. Due to the equipment movement during the nailing and the noise that will arise, the sea floor will have negative effects on the living life and Flamingo and other living creatures. There will be a comprehensive filling activity from the Çiğli exit to the motorway connection and this will result in negative It is stated in the EIA report that a total of 19.870.542 m3 screening studies will be carried out, but it is insufficient to evaluate the impacts of these activities on the İzmir Gulf ecosystem without knowing the properties of the material in this amount, and to assess the Since the Izmir Bay Crossing Project was not produced as a strategy of a plan at provincial or regional level, it was in compliance with the planning principles and principles. the northern axis of the project passes through a very important nature conservation area, the areas protected by international conventions and different conservation statuses in the region, the conservation statuses registered in the southern part of the route and an urban area designated as an agricultural area to be protected, güz Environmental Impact Assessment Positive ”decision was not found to be in compliance with the law.”

We mentioned all these issues in the report we prepared, and also said that. This project is not an urban transport project. It is a project that will not cause any benefit to İzmir and can cause historical damages. This project is the center point of the rent projects prepared by those who want to make Izmir like Istanbul. This project will cause irreversible damage to the Gediz Delta, which is the nest of thousands of birds, and the Gulf. This project has no other purpose than the opening of İnciraltı and the peninsula to construction. This project is the beginning of the end of Inciralti, peninsula and all of our natural habitats.

We reiterate our invitation once again: We appeal to all the people of Izmir, especially the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality. If we do not oppose the pillage projects we are talking about today, tomorrow will be too late and all the historical, cultural and natural values ​​of our beautiful Izmir will disappear. It is imperative that we oppose these rent and pillage policies imposed on İzmir by using all legal and political means. Therefore, we invite the people of Izmir to take care of the future of our city against all these plundering projects.

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