Incomplete Balance Against Ballpoint Card

The “Ballpoint Card” application put into use by İzmir Metropolitan Municipality for public transportation also eliminated the concerns of “insufficient funds”. In the event that the balance in İzmirim Card falls below the limit, approximately 5 thousand Izmir residents started to benefit from the system, which was automatically loaded from the credit card, in a very short time.

The new application, implemented by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, relieved the passengers using public transportation from the anxiety of encountering an 'insufficient balance' warning. Thanks to the advanced technological infrastructure offered by the ESHOT General Directorate, İzmirim Kart, the number of people who benefit from the automatic filling service has approached 5 thousand.

Non-exhausted balance
The application, which started on July 30, soon attracted great attention. In order to benefit from the application called “Ballpoint Card”, it is sufficient for İzmirim Card users to give “automatic filling order with credit card” for once. The user decides the minimum balance amount that should be on the card. Likewise, when the amount is reduced below the amount determined, it is at the discretion of the user. In case the balance in İzmirim Card falls below the specified limit, an “automatic loading” is made from the credit card. Thus, passengers do not have to worry about encountering an “insufficient balance” warning while getting on public transportation. Since the existing transportation cards are compatible with the system, it is not necessary to purchase a new transportation card for this application.

Application “ isVia ”
The Ballpoint Card also provided great convenience for Izban passengers, where the “Plus Money” application is valid. Since the user's card is automatically loaded, the problem of keeping the balance to be blocked is eliminated. Thanks to the system that is active at any time of the day, the search for the filling unit ended as the balance was over.

Those who want to take advantage of the is web site and ESHOT via mobile applications can perform. Izmirim Card and credit card information, the system is registered with the limit and filling amount information after the application begins.

Izmirim Kart in every field of life
Members of ESHOT's "Online Transactions" application can benefit from many services that will facilitate daily life as well as automatic loading. Thanks to the system, money can be uploaded from the internet, and suggestions, requests and complaints can be sent to the Nursery Communication Center without entering any additional information on the Izmirim Card usage details. In addition, everyone can get important notifications via SMS, e-mail and mobile notification by registering their frequently used bus lines and stops to the system. Members of the system can also activate the alarm system, which informs that the bus of their chosen line is approaching the station they have determined.

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