Transformation in Public Transportation in Bodrum Continues

📩 22/12/2018 17:56

Mugla Metropolitan Municipality, which continues its activities in order to make transportation services in Muğla focused on people and environmentally friendly, started to offer more services in Bodrum within the scope of Transformation Transformation project in Bodrum.

The project il Transformation in Transportation “, which started in the province after Muğla gained metropolitan status, has been increasing day by day. Within the scope of the project, the 100 cooperative has participated in the transformation so far, while the number of 2232 and 1431 vehicles has been reached and 96 conversion rate has been achieved. Lastly, Yalıkavak District of Bodrum, Yalıkavak District, YNKKAV Suburban Motorized Carriers Cooperative, while participating in the transformation project in the transportation of Muğla Metropolitan Municipality according to the statement made;

Or Muğla Metropolitan Municipality continues to produce various projects with the aim of providing quality, exemplary and reliable service with its modern management and mission understanding. Within the scope of katıl Transformation in Transportation proj project, SS 273 Yoluavak City Motor Carriers Cooperative operating within the city of Yalikavak District of Bodrum has participated in the transformation project. In total, 14 vehicles, Gökçebel, Küdür, Yale, Geriş, Tilkicik, Başkent Sitesi, Onurkent Sitesi, Nef Sitesi, Gümüşkaya and Holiday Garden Site on the route of providing private transportation services by providing transportation, began to provide. Gök


In the explanation, while transportation and transportation are taken according to the spatial, social and economic characteristics, it was also taken into consideration that the transportation needs and demands were taken.

Uz With the ekonomik Transformation in Transportation, project, which is awarded as an exemplary project by other provinces, we take into consideration the transportation needs and demands and sustainable development according to its spatial, social and economic characteristics. In this context, the Transformation Project for Private Public Transport (ÖTTA) will continue without slowing down. We will continue our work in order to provide more reliable service to our nurses çalış.

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