Silk Road Meeting from the German-Turkish Chamber of Commerce and Industry

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Speaking at the meeting of the German-Turkish Chamber of Commerce and Industry on the "New Silk Road", Deputy Minister of Transport and Infrastructure, Enver İskurt, said that he will announce the government's plans for privatization of railroads soon.

The German-Turkish Chamber of Commerce and Industry (AHK), 16 August 2018, organized an economic meeting on the kurum New Silk Road X with representatives of 154 member companies, representatives of different institutions and diplomatic officials on Thursday at Swissotel Bosphorus Istanbul.

AHK Chairman of the Board The meeting was opened by Markus C. Slevogt, the new Consul General of Istanbul Michael Reiffenstuel and the new Secretary General of the AHK. It started with the introduction of Thilo Pahl to the leading representatives of the German and Turkish business world.

Dr. Markus C. Slevogt, in his opening speech "A Generation, A Way" called the New Silk Road initiative in 80 country, 4,4 billion people will benefit, stressing that he would create a huge market to create an alternative to the increasingly protectionist trade policy and Turkey, the development of trade relations between China and Germany gave extensive information.

Transportation and Infrastructure Deputy Minister Enver İskurt, logistics, after mentioning the valuable geographic location owned by Turkey in his speech economical and is the commercial development of the most important part, "A Generation, a Way" project of the mega projects in Turkey, pave the way for production and trade for the government to give support to the private sector.

Mr. Xiangyang Gao, Chairman of ICBC Bank, informed about the K One Generation, One Way Başkan project that started in September 2013 after giving information about the historical past of Silk Road, which connects the west and east and forms a bridge between civilizations that creates peace and cooperation. he gave. Within the framework of this project, which will be the largest infrastructure project in the world, it is planned to build ports, roads, railways, airlines, power plants, oil and gas lines and free zones. That Turkey has become one of the countries that were most important in this project and the development of infrastructure of the railways between China and Turkey in this context, the agreement on the use of ports and highways was signed, he said.

Arkas Holding Holding Chairman Özgür Kalelioğlu, speaking in the last five years grew 20% of the logistics sector in Turkey and that 100-140 billion dollars has been said, and especially after giving detailed information with sea ports Baku-Tbilisi-Kars railway project, Marmaray thanks from China in London The new Silk Road project will be at the center of the project, the new domestic terminals and logistics centers planned to increase this role, he said.

In the last part of the meeting, Deputy Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Enver İskurt, who asked questions from the participants, stated that the government's policies were constantly improving and new investments would continue. He said he would soon announce the government's plans for the privatization of the ironies. Has announced that various ministries within the framework of cooperation between the creation of Turkey's Logistics Master Plan.

Arkas Holding Vice President Ozgur Kalelioglu said that there is a rapid development in the sea ports in response to the inquiries, and that time is needed to solve the problems of the rail system and that the government supports the private sector.

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