Transportation Problems of Erciş

Van Metropolitan Municipality has pushed the button to solve the transportation problem of Erciş which is one of the biggest districts of the city.

Transportation, social assistance, environment, culture, the signature of many important works in many areas of the Metropolitan Municipality is looking for remedies of the important problems. Deputy General Secretary of the Metropolitan Municipality Fazil Tamer and Head of Transportation Department Kemal Mescioğlu 173 thousand 71 population visited the town of Erciş and found out about transportation problems. Deputy Secretary General Tamer listened to the transportation problem, which is the biggest problem of the district, from tradesmen and citizens, and visited the President of Erciş Chamber of Drivers Hüsamettin Çelik. After the visit, Tamer, Celik, the heads of related departments and the heads of transport cooperatives in the district bus, minibus, taxi stops and transport line toured areas. Tamer listening to the problems of drivers and tradesmen and citizens, gave orders to the Metropolitan Municipality teams.

Deputy General Secretary Fazıl Tamer stated that they visited the district to solve the transportation problems of Erciş on-site and that the priorities of the metropolitan municipality were to facilitate human life.

Expressing that the district has been left alone for years, Tamer continued his speech as follows:

“In the last two years, Metropolitan Municipality has done very important works in transportation. We examine and solve the transportation problems in the districts outside the center. One of the biggest problems of Ercis is the transportation problem. Unfortunately, no work has been done to solve this problem. We have been working hard to solve Erçiş's problems since we took office. We are in Erciş as a team to solve transportation problems on this day. We listened to our tradesmen and drivers. We pressed the button for the necessary work. I hope we will eliminate the problems in the short term. ”

Tamer, which controls the investments of the Metropolitan Municipality in the district, toured the building of the Fire Department in progress. He received information from the authorities about the studies.



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