Air Conditioning Inspections Continue in Public Transport Vehicles in Diyarbakır

diyarbakir minubus air conditioning control
diyarbakir minubus air conditioning control

Air Conditioning Controls in Public Transport Vehicles in Diyarbakır Continues: Diyarbakır Metropolitan Municipality increased the air conditioning controls for public transport vehicles, taking into account the increase in air temperatures and complaints from citizens. Criminal action is taken against those who do not operate air conditioners in public transport and act outside the legislation.

Diyarbakir Metropolitan Municipality, air temperature increased with the beginning of summer, started to increase the air conditioner controls for public transport. Metropolitan Municipality Police Department Directorate of Traffic Branch teams, air temperatures above the seasonal normals due to the citizens taking into account the complaints received by citizens, public transportation (minibus and private public bus) vehicles in order to make use of air conditioning controls increased.

24 12 air conditioner inspections are carried out by 12 separate team during 2 daytime XNUMX evening hours. Except for the official police uniform, the civilian dressed officials are in the inspections. The Traffic Branch Office teams, who continue their inspections at the stations located in different parts of the city every day, warns that the public transport vehicles that do not operate the air conditioner and do not abide by the rules should comply with the rules.

Municipal police teams, outside of routine checks, complaints from the citizens immediately evaluate the complaint is launched in the region. In public transport vehicles approaching the stops, the air conditioners work, hygiene rules and the compliance with the determined routes to control the police officers, public transport vehicles are listening to the complaints of citizens. Teams that do not run the air conditioner, hygiene rules and vehicles that do not comply with the route imposed criminal procedures, warns the public transport drivers to comply with the rules.

Inspections in public transport will continue uninterrupted throughout the summer months.

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