DHMİ General Manager, January, Muş Airport Study Study

Funda Ocak, General Manager of State Airports Authority (DHMİ), visited the terminal building of Muş Sultan Alparslan Airport.

The General Manager visited the Sultan Sultan Alparslan Airport and the terminal building under construction in January and received information from the authorities.

Ocak, who conducted investigations for a while, said the work was being carried out intensively.

Stating that they are working together with their workers, employers and administration as much as they can, Ocak said:

“I hope we will receive this work in October at the latest in October. When Mr. President 100 announced his daily projects, he changed the name of this place to 'Sultan Alparslan Airport'. It was a beautiful name, it created a great satisfaction, good luck. ”

Following the inspections at the airport, the General Manager visited the Mayor of Muş Feyat Asya.



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