The First 2 Day of Tolu Transport in Denizli Free

Denizli Metropolitan Municipality, which took all the measures due to the Feast of Sacrifice, made the first 2 day municipal buses free of charge for the citizens not to have difficulty in visiting the cemetery, relatives and friends.

Denizli Metropolitan Municipality took all the holiday measures for the citizens to have a comfortable and peaceful holiday. Denizli Metropolitan Municipality within this scope, the citizens of the cemetery, relatives and friends during the holidays to avoid difficulties in making the city's first buses 2 day free of charge. Accordingly, 21-22 August 2018 dates from Denizli Metropolitan Municipality buses will not be charged.

Metropolitan 24 watch on watch

On the other hand, the emergency needs of the people will be met instantly by creating sentinel teams in many units of Denizli Metropolitan Municipality, which takes all measures due to the Feast of Sacrifice. The teams that will serve during the Eid al-Adha holiday will be able to reach the "Alo 153" telephone line for any problems. In addition, Denizli Metropolitan Municipality's "112 Fire Brigade", "188 Funeral" and DESKI's "185 Call Center" will serve throughout the holiday.



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