Today in History: 1 August 1886 Mersin-Tarsus-Adana line

📩 22/12/2018 17:55

Today in History
August 1, 1886 Tarsus-Adana part of Mersin-Tarsus-Adana line was opened with an official ceremony. The flights started on August 4. The total length of the Mersin-Tarsus-Adana line is 66,8 km.
In the First World War, on August 1, 1919, the construction of the Ankara-Sivas line, 80 km of which was completed with the help of the Military Railways and Ports Directorate construction battalions, continued until the 127th km (Izzettin station).
1 August 2003 The 2003-2008 Action Plan, prepared with the support of the European Commission for the harmonization of the TCDD with the European Union acquis, was approved by the Ministry of Transport.

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