The mother who lost her two daughters and niece in the train accident in Çorlu, told those moments

8 people died in the train accident that took place on July 25 in Çorlu district of Tekirdağ. Funda Dikmen, the wounded survivor, buried her 2 daughters and nephews in that accident. Funda Dikmen took the train from Uzunköprü to go to her relatives' wedding with her daughters and niece that day. The tearful mother spoke to Habertürk for the first time 23 days after the accident.

He hugged his two daughters and nephew for the last time as if he felt they were going to be. The post was like a nightmare. Funda Dikmen, who lost his two daughters and nephew in a train accident in Çorlu, said that they lived days later. Dikmen said, “It was trembling with a very loud voice. We expected it to stop. We hugged each other. But then something like an explosion happened. Our contact was cut off from each other. My head hit. I guess I passed out after that. There was an old uncle, shook me, "Get up, the train crashed." They were yelling, I looked at the train, "Unload the train."

8 people died and 25 people were injured in the train accident that occurred on 341 July in Çorlu district of Tekirdağ. Funda Dikmen took the train from Uzunköprü to go to her relatives' wedding with her daughters and niece that day. Dikmen said, “The train was already full in Uzunköprü. There was excessive passenger reception in Alpullu. My daughter asked for a seat belt as we had already got on the train. My little girl pays attention to such things. We have no seat belts. ”


Tren crashed in Corlu. Anne Funda Dikmen survived the accident but her daughters Özgenur, 23, Gülce, 13, and her niece Sena Köse, 16, died. Dikmen, Turkey heartbroken mother, sister and uncle, with 112 employees, of which introduce photographs of the hospital door. Dikmen said, "I went out to have children outside. I wandered around, I couldn't find the wagon. I stole your phone, so I could hear my daughter's voice. His voice wasn't coming from the phone. I was trying to recognize her clothes. But they did not. I couldn't find it in their clothes, ”he said.

Funda Dikmen immediately called his wife Erdinç Dikmen. Baba Dikmen immediately ran to the scene. Baba Dikmen said, “I ran off the rails. Health teams, AFADs were just coming. Then I saw my little girl's shoes under the train, they were empty. So his shoes were not at his feet. Then I found his bag. ” Hours after the accident, the lifeless body of 3 girls was removed from under the wagons. Dikmen couple is experiencing the pain of losing their two daughters and nephews. The couple decided to move out of their home for 8 years because of the memories they reminded them.




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