The Diarkart Period Begins in Public Transport

Diyarbakir Metropolitan Municipality, in the public transport of municipalities 15 August 2018 finishes the cash payment period starting on Wednesday. In a statement from the Metropolitan Municipality, 15 warned citizens to buy Diyarkart free of charge before August to avoid being victimized.

Diyarbakir Metropolitan Municipality Directorate of Transportation, which carries out various services for the citizens to benefit from public transportation in a high quality and safe manner, completely abolishes the cash receipt on 15 August 2018 in the municipal transportation vehicles. The Metropolitan Municipality, which has started to distribute 1 million cards free of charge, has been continuing to distribute its card distributions at different points of the city.

Diyarbakir Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Department made a written statement about the subject, public transportation vehicles in order to maintain the systematic way to pay the charge of card boarding was reported. In the statement, art the public transportation vehicles in the public transportation vehicles in order to prevent the ongoing payment of the salary of the 15 August 2018 will end on Wednesday and boarding passes will be made only on Diyarkart. In the city center and districts, 16 continues to distribute free Diyarkart at different points while 49 is filling at different points. Diyarbakir Metropolitan Municipality Information House (Guest House) located in the district district of Yenisehir district of the Diyarkart office of teachers, students or 65 pensioners who have not reduced their age, 65 age beyond, disabled, soldiers, police, veterans, martyrs, police, yellow press card holders and citizens who meet the criteria set by the Provincial Assembly of Diyarbakir, the official document, a photocopy of the identity and a photo with the application can get Free Diyarkart. For the full Diyarkart application, no documents are required Tam.

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