City Square Terminal Tram Line Hazard Bells

Bursa Brokers Recep Altepe
Bursa Brokers Recep Altepe

Distress Bells on Kent Square Terminal Tram Line: Actually; After the T1 line "silkworm" walking in the city, when the T2 line was announced to be built on Yalova Road, many people could not understand the project.


It was not known enough whether it would be a light rail or a tram.


Nobody could calculate that Yalova Road would be so paralyzed for years.


The Kent Square-Terminal tram line tender, which was held in June 2015 and attended by 13 companies, even aroused excitement.

This tender;

So, 8 450 11 station with the length of the tender was won by Ultra, a company from Ankara.

According to the agreement;

In addition to manufacturing 158 million pounds of rail, the new wagons and environmental regulations required an investment of 300 million pounds.


Again, according to this agreement, the 2018 will be in service at the end of this line.

So what;

When the construction of this line started on Yalova Road, it was seen how big the T2 would occupy.
With construction;

Traffic flow slowed, trades made action, accidents happened.


Even the calls of Alinur Aktaş, the new head of the Metropolitan, who took the post from Recep Altepe 9 months ago, even came to the city people.


Since the payments were made to the contractor firm to a large extent, there was no chance to return from the project.


Since then, President Aktaş has never looked at the project.

He's right about himself.


The project is too late.

There were stops, the company retreated.

The reason was the economic crisis.

It's obvious you have a problem.


President Aktas, the contractor firm 1 said that they can not come together for months.

For this reason;

He does not hesitate to say, "I have concerns for the T2 line."

The reason is;

That the firm thinks it's in the air like you want to stop working.

Already appearing;

The fact that the T2 line project, which has been working for months, almost completely stops and that the work will be re-auctioned.

Of course;

This means an additional money from the pocket of the people of Bursa.

The essence;

The completion of the project in 2018 seems a dream.

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