Visitors Influx to Bursa Uludağ in Bayram

Bursa, Turkey and the important nature and winter tourism centers, which suffered from the influx of visitors in Uludag holidays.

Visitors, who had the opportunity to increase the holiday of the sacrifice to 9 days, enjoyed the forest and nature by having a picnic in the Çobankaya area of ​​Uludağ at an altitude of 800. Citizens who travel to Uludağ using the longest cable car line of the 9 km world, did not neglect to watch the Bursa view from Bakacak. In the statement made by the Nature Protection and National Parks 2nd Regional Directorate, “9 thousand 130 people visited the Uludag National Park, which is in our responsibility area, for a 315-day sacrifice. Our visitors, who had the pleasure of having a picnic at the four-day promenade in Uludağ National Park, also took advantage of the cable car for transportation. ”




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