Bursa OSB and Nilüfer OSB Railway Connection Line Stopped!

It is not possible to understand the State Railways. If you are taking steps to make Bursa happy and excited, then a few steps away, all the enthusiasm is running away.
Engineering and Consultancy for the Design of Ankara-Bursa High Speed ​​Line and Oyak Renault Automobile Factories, Bursa OSB and Nilüfer OSB Railway Connection Lines, which we announced from these columns with the title of “Completing TCDD deficiency and connecting to the Industrial Area”, 1 month ago. It turned out that the tender process for the Services Job was stopped.
It is not the project tender that is being stopped, but it is a fact that the ground works and surveys are necessary for the preparation of the project, but it is a fact that trains are entering the industrial zones all over the world.
TCDD projecting the Gemlik Train on the request of the industrial regions in the Central Anatolia region to reach the port was seen to be lacking in the fact that it did not consider the connection line to the two major OIZs at the Bursa Organized Industrial Zone and the next Nilüfer Organized Industrial Zone at the beginning of the project.
In that respect O
TCDD's tender decision was accepted as an important development for the study project of Bursa OSB and Nilüfer OSB connection lines.
After the survey work, the freight train station was made to Doğanköy on the side of the road leading to Özlüce, and the decision was made to transfer the high speed train station thought to be on the viaduct in Balat to the land thought to be on the freight train.
In the tender announcement İhale
We learned that the tender for the research-project will be held in 3 in August.
Whether the tender process has anything to do with the increase in foreign exchange rates or other developments has been influential in the decision.

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