BTS's Çorlu Train Crash Report: "Half of the Staff Gone in 15 Years"

United Transport Employees Union (BTS) prepared a report on the train accident in Çorlu, in which 25 people lost their lives. In the report, it was emphasized that the floods and infrastructure deterioration events on the railway lines in recent days, and the technical data were not taken into account even on the High Speed ​​​​Train (YHT) lines. in Çorlu kazanIt was stated that the fact that the morphological, geological, meteorological, hydrological and engineering parameters were not taken into account at the 162nd kilometer of Sarılar location, where the disaster took place, prepared the ground for the disaster, and it was stated that "The culvert at kilometer 162 in Çorlu Sarılar locality, where the disaster occurred, is a masonry belt type and its age is over 101". The report also states that on the grounds of reducing the number of personnel and cost, the number of road watchmen who control the road was reduced, and the incident occurred at kilometer 162 in Çorlu, Sarılar, in order not to pay overtime at the weekend. kazanIt was stated that there was no railway control on foot, as it was on the holiday day of the city. In addition, it was pointed out that the bureaucrats who canceled the maintenance tender 17 days before the accident due to insufficient funds were responsible for the accident and deaths.


In the 1945 report, 1995 was recommended to reduce the number of personnel by 50 in 2004. . In the 41 1 May 2013 has passed 6461 on the XNUMX. status of the profit-making institution.

"While 2003 35.853 in 2016 28.146 2017 17.747 in the year XNUMX XNUMX staff, while XNUMX XNUMX" is a member of the report while reducing the number of staff to technology and science should be invested in the lion's share of resources allocated to the budget allocated to YHT investments in conventional lines have been treated as a stepchild.


In the report, the number of personnel employed as pedestrian in the 9.023 kilometers was reduced to 39. pedestrian road control. Çorlu District Balabanlı Village In Sarılar district The accident occurred in 162 on the holiday day, so no railway control could be carried out on foot. Ç

KazanIn the report, it is stated that a tender was opened by the TCDD 1st Regional Material Directorate on 07.06.2018 for the repair of the line where the accident occurred, but the tender was canceled on 18 20.06.2018 days before the accident, since there was no appropriation order, TCDD decided to cancel the tender due to insufficient funds before the accident. bureaucrats kazanIt is stated that they prepared the ground for the existence of the.


In the report, it was noted that appointments seeking merit and knowledge were made on the basis of the support of power for the last 20 over the last year. This was particularly important in the railways where knowledge and experience were more important. TCDD's old names in the Department of Facilities and Road Department, which requires two separate engineering knowledge and accumulation of units, the "Railway Maintenance Department" unaccompanied under the name of the unlawful, engineer-named personnel, the different engineering areas to do the job of the road in this report is specified in the report. önemli In recent years, there has been an increase in occupational accidents due to violations of this type of legislation and a significant portion of these accidents result in death. In this way, it is evident that new occupational accidents will arise by the loading of the works that they do not know and which they cannot do physically. can Doing many jobs with less personnel to staff ğ has no public interest as well as jeopardizing the safety of workers. '


  • Rapid reduction of the number of TCDD personnel without technological renewal, control and supervision, privatization and subcontracting, execution of tender procedure works are the main factors of incidents and accidents. Privatization and subcontracting system should be terminated.
  • The administrative procedure for the merger of TCDD Road Department and the Department of Facilities must be canceled as soon as the decision of the judiciary is decided.
  • The unqualified appointments and temporary / proxy assignments that enable the trade union to use as a trump card in the organization cause serious unrest in the personnel and affect the productivity of the staff negatively.
  • The resources allocated from budget to TCDD should be allocated equally for investment and renewal between conventional and YHT lines.
  • To avoid accidents to natural disasters, we should take into consideration the opinions and suggestions of our union, scientists and professional chambers in order not to be helpless in the face of natural disasters. Engineering science should not be ignored.
  • Republic of Turkey Ministry of Forestry and Water Affairs Directorate General of Metrology, instantaneous, hourly, daily, weekly and monthly forecasts and previous year statistics for the years to be followed by estimating data, railway and railway structures should be built and controlled according to the calculations to be made based on this data.

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