Cableway to Bingöl Çapakçur Valley to be established

Bingöl Municipality prepared by the Euphrates Development Agency 'Bingöl'e New Tourism Areas Project to win the contract was signed. Within the scope of the project, paragliding flight zones will be determined, a viewing terrace will be arranged and feasibility studies will be conducted for the cable car.

Bingol Municipality prepared by the Euphrates Development Agency (FKA) 'Tourism and Industrial Development Financial Support Program' adopted in the 'New Tourism Areas to Bingöl Project' signing ceremony was held.

In the signing ceremony held at the Governor's Office, Bingöl Governor Ali Mantı, Mayor Yücel Barakazi, FKA Secretary General Abdulvahap Density, FKA Bingöl Investment Support Office Coordinator Isa Telimen attended.

Governor Ravi made a brief statement after the signing ceremony and wished that the project would be beneficial.

M This project, prepared by Bingöl Municipality and supported by Fırat Development Agency, will contribute to the development of tourism areas of our province. I wish the project will be beneficial to our city ”.


1 million 933 thousand 864 TL budget project that will contribute to the tourism of Bingol Mayor Barakazi, the scope of the project under the landscape of the project by making landscaping, the area will be required to attract tourists, he said.


Paragliding flight regions throughout the province by identifying the feasibility study for the cable car will be recorded, said Mayor Barakazi, “to expand the tourism areas of our province, to increase tourism revenues, Seyit hill over the valley with Çapakçur Karşıyaka We aim to install a cable car between the neighborhood. Regarding the ropeway line to be constructed within this scope; technology will be used, the number of cabins and cabin size, transportation study, the number of stops and the route, the approximate cost of work will be done to determine such items. As a result of the report to be created as a result of the study, a study will be carried out for the establishment of a cable car. ”


Within the scope of the project, a four-person team will determine the flight zones in the central and 7 districts, Barakazi, k Paragliding and landing places for the paragliding will be determined, air currents and directions will be determined. Determined flight of the Turkish Aeronautical Association Air Sports Federation and Turkey will be added to the site. The necessary field corrections will be made by our municipality after the determination of the places to be flown. In addition, in order to ensure the continuity of paragliding activities in our province, 10 daily paragliding course will be given ”.


Barakazi stated that the observation terrace in Mirzan and Bahçelievler will be added to the tourism area. A country house will be built within the scope of the project in order to attract foreign tourists on the cruise hill. In addition, security cameras will be installed to ensure the safety of the navigational peak and its use at night. I wish our project to be beneficial to our city..



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