Chairman Uysal: r Excavation Trucks in Istanbul Will Work More Regularly Başkan

100 pieces of tablets were distributed to law enforcement officers for instant tracking of earthmoving trucks in Istanbul. Speaking at the tablet distribution ceremony, President Mevlüt Uysal said,, Gendarmerie, police and municipal police teams will be able to monitor the time, whereabouts of excavation trucks, speed, or route violation, whether they are making illegal dumps or not. Be able to see vehicle and driver information with QR code. With this system, excavation trucks will be working more regularly in Istanbul. Bu

Law enforcement agencies were also included in the Vehicle Tracking System (ATS) developed by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality. 100 tablets were distributed to the police, gendarmerie and police in order to monitor the excavation trucks, to intervene immediately and to conduct criminal proceedings. Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mevlüt Uysal, Istanbul Governor Vasip Şahin, Provincial Gendarmerie Commander Tuğgeneral Nuh Köroğlu and guests attended to the Excavation Tools Tracking System organized in İstanbul Governorship.

Speaking at the ceremony, President Uysal said, r In April of last year, we implemented the ATS, which was created to track the process of excavation trucks from the point of excavation. Today, we distribute tablets to the police, gendarmerie and police personnel and we enable them to monitor the excavation trucks instantly and to intervene in the field. 8 bin 480 has ATS in the vehicle. ATS left a thousand 50 trucks not installed. These are trucks that are not in use or not. So you have ATS in your cars, which is actively running. If anyone tries to do this illegally, we will be closely monitored for criminal proceedings. Gendarmerie, safety and security teams in their hands thanks to the tablet in their area of ​​the earthmoving trucks, where, where the speed or route violation, whether the leakage will follow instant. When they read the QR code in the Transport Acceptance Record with the tablet, they will be able to see all information about the excavation truck from vehicle information to driver information, from taxpayer information to permit documents. With this system, excavation trucks will work more regularly in Istanbul. Against all those who do not know the rule, our law enforcement officers will do what is necessary rağmen.

Uysal said that the number of tablets could be increased if needed. In Tablets are not American goods. Lenova brand tablets. We have now deployed the 100 but we can increase this number when needed. With this system, we do this work on behalf of Istanbul, according to the rule of this work, with the sweat of this work, who want to earn halal money, we protect our drivers who work. Because the bad image formed by earthmoving truck drivers does not know the rules cause a bad perception on other drivers, Çünkü he said.

Şahin stated that 146 bin excavation truck was inspected this year. Ör Excavation drivers will be with them as state and nation as long as they perform their duties correctly. But from the moment when it goes beyond the rules, we use the authority given by the laws and take all necessary measures. During this year, we checked the 146 bin 105 excavation truck. 4 thousand 904 1 million 500 thousand TL of them have been fined. So our controls continue uninterrupted. But control is also a technology business. From this software and vehicle tracking system, both our municipality and our law enforcement agencies benefit from the follow-up and checkpoint. We're moving this one step further today. We're going to a new stage. Now our mobile teams, our field teams, not only by stopping the vehicle to control, but at the same time, without ever having a chance to control. They see all kinds of vehicles with the tablets in their hands, and according to him if the violation of the route and the breach of rules in the field if the penalty according to him, ini he said.

After the ceremony, the first tablets were distributed by the Mayor of Istanbul, Mevlüt Uysal, Istanbul Governor Vasip Şahin and the Provincial Gendarmerie Commander, Brigadier General Nuh Köroğlu. A total of 40 tablets were delivered to the police and the gendarmerie with 20 units and 100 units to the police. A souvenir photo was taken after the tablet delivery.

X İSMOBİL Eco Tracking VTA900 and VTA720 Vehicle Tracking Device ehir was installed on excavation trucks under the ATS developed by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality. The location, speed, direction and damper data of the vehicle are monitored by this device. The head of the central officer who reported the infringement presented her situation to the concerned IMM and police units. In this process, because the procedure lasted long, there could be problems. Now, Police, Gendarmerie and Police officers will follow the excavation trucks live thanks to the tablets integrated into the ATS system. Each staff member will be able to intervene immediately in case of violations in his area of ​​responsibility. Gendarmerie and police may be able to apply red-handed transactions, or to punish past violations. The fugitive will be able to intervene and implement criminal proceedings.

Last year, IMM imposed 692 penalties on 123 million 754 thousand 331 TL penalty. In the first 3 month of this year, 110 punished 8 million 555 thousand TL. For example, 175 bin for companies for illegal casting, 58 for persons. When violations are repeated, penalties are increasing. The foreclosures process is initiated for those who do not pay the fine. In this way, illegal dumps, such as violations of the environment and traffic safety situations that would create a threat to prevent the prevention of punitive measures.

In order to prevent leakage dumps, cameras with high zoom and resolution were placed on the 45 critical point. Arnavutköy, Büyükçekmece, Silivri cameras placed in many districts with 24 hours of uninterrupted inspection is done.

Properties of ATS;
- Whether the vehicles are stationary or in motion can be monitored instantly from the system
- Moving past of vehicles can be removed
- Creating route plan for vehicles and checking whether this route goes out
- The vehicle's instantaneous speed limit can be monitored. Penalties commenced when speed limit exceeds
- 7 / 24 running alarm system where the vehicle lifts the damper is seen through the map. Criminal proceedings are applied when a casting is found outside the dumped dump sites
- The use of non-objective use can also be avoided when the tools can be tracked instantly.
- Law enforcement officials are reported to the police by the center of the route, speed, leakage excavation infringements from the tablets in their hands. Law enforcement officers also see violations with the tablet computer in their hands and is subject to criminal proceedings.

Citizens can report their complaints about excavation vehicles on Beyazmasa or 0552 153 00 34 Whatsapp.

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