President Steel: Hep This City All of Us Başkan

Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mustafa Celik attended the Assembly Meeting of the Chamber of Commerce and talked about the investments of the Metropolitan Municipality and expressed his views on what should be done in the field of industry and commerce in order for Kayseri to develop even more.

Mayor Mustafa Çelik attended the Assembly Meeting of the Chamber of Commerce and talked about the investments of the Metropolitan Municipality and expressed his views on what should be done in the field of industry and commerce for further development of Kayseri. Stating that the task falls on everyone for the city's President Steel, "If we want to enlarge the city and the economy of this effort must show all together," he said.
Metropolitan Mayor Mustafa Celik, Kayseri Chamber of Commerce President of the Chamber of Commerce Omer Gulsoy and Parliament President Cengiz Hakan Arslan welcomed.

Mayor Steel, who was a guest of the Chamber of Commerce, addressed the members of the council after the speech of the Chamber President Ömer Gülsoy. Stressing that the city should be brought up in cooperation with the expression layan This city is all of us layan, President Çelik said, gerekti If we want to enlarge the economy of the city, we should work together. This city is a regional center of attraction for everyone to fall on duty, Bu he said. Stating that Kayseri should be a center of attraction in every area, Mayor Çelik mentioned the works they have done in the field of tourism and said that they work like tourism companies. President Steel, or We tell our city all over the world. As a result of our work with Russia last year, tourists came from Russia every week. Hopefully this year, tourists from Ukraine will come, yıl he said.

Stating that the industry and trade are among the musts of Kayseri's regional attraction center, Mayor Mustafa Çelik continued his words as follows: ğ We have a commercial and industrial history that will be boasted as the people of Kayseri. It's time to make a new breakthrough. In this sense, we have no time to lose. The economy has changed the shell. The period of monetization has passed. Wholesaler and intermediate wholesaler. E commerce is faced with the truth. We have to keep up with these developments. Let's find new sectors, look for new markets, regain the culture of coming together, let's find a new momentum that fits our 6 millennium commercial history. We are ready for this as a municipality. Bu

In his speech at the Chamber of Commerce Council, Mayor Mustafa Çelik stated that the Metropolitan Municipality has done it in 3,5 years and stated that they have done an extraordinary job during this period. Explaining the works made starting from the transportation investments, President Çelik stated that there is a great effort behind each of the investments he explained with the main headings and cited the things done for Hulusi Akar Boulevard. President Çelik continued as follows: “I pass with one sentence, but there is a lot of work behind Hulusi Akar Boulevard. We agreed with more than 124 beneficiaries of 400 buildings on the route. If we went legally, these things would take 3,5-4 years. We demolished the houses, formerly known as Tavlusun Street, in agreement with the right owners. There is only one house left and we will demolish it soon. We will open that road as a 3 × 3 lane road with a rail system in the middle. With the expropriation fee, the cost of the first stage will exceed 80 million TL. "

The story junctions made in the field of transport, new rail lines, public transportation vehicle purchases, road widening, intersection regulations, mini describing the investment as terminals Chairman Mustafa Celik, the first in his speech in Turkey, he practices and also made mention of only the project. Speaking about investment and infrastructure investments in the districts, Mayor Çelik also gave information about the point reached in Beydeğirmeni Besi Region. Reminding that the first stage of the Beydeğirmeni Besi Region draws the rules, Çelik stated that they have signed contracts with the rightful owners. President Steel, "to expand the economy of a city, such as Beydeğirmeni Besi Region projects," he said.

Metropolitan Mayor Mustafa Celik, districts and the center of the city center of social life and the social services that they need next. Providing information about the point reached in the Sahabiye Urban Transformation Project, Mayor Çelik said, Proj The project is very successful. In the reconciliation talks of the second stage, we reached% 90 in a short period of two months. İkinci

Mayor Mustafa Celik emphasized the importance of working together after explaining investments and services. Mayor emphasized that they are ready for cooperation for Kayseri as Metropolitan Municipality. In Let's plan new areas of OIZs together, we will come together on defense industry cluster, let us continue to work together in the promotion of Kayseri, explore new sectors intensified with technology, develop new sales techniques, Let. Let's go to the arm. We are ready to meet whatever you want from us, Biz he said.



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