From President Aktaş to the Students

President Aktaş keeps his word and pushes the second discount button on transportation and water prices.

Nowadays, where the economy is spoken a lot, the second decision of the previously promised reduction in public transportation services in Bursa is taken tomorrow.

Yesterday at the Science and Technology Center sohbet We learned the good news of the public transportation discount, which especially concerns students more, from Alinur Aktaş, the Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality.

Chairman Aktaş said that the discount will be finalized at the Transportation Coordination Center Board, which will meet tomorrow.

The discount decision from UKOME is not only for students.

The president, the other ticket types will be reduced, but most students will be given privilege, he said. Discount rates and new figures will be announced on Friday.

Aktaş reminded that the deduction in transportation will be valid from the next September 17, when the schools will open.

Source: İhsan Aydın - is



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