Uninterrupted Transportation in Anadolu Boulevard in Ankara

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality completes the transportation works that it continues in all parts of the city and accelerates with the closure of schools.

While the three giant projects, which will take a great deal of breath to Ankara traffic, continue in full speed in front of Kepekli, Akköprü and Samsun Türk Telekom, the li TÜVTÜRK Bridge Interchange Türk on the Anatolian Boulevard has been completed and put into service.


The Metropolitan Municipality, which started to implement solution projects at the same time in many points called TÜ distressed region'nı, especially in the main arteries, has completed an uninterrupted traffic flow in Anadolu Boulevard and completed the TÜVTÜRK Junction in order to prevent partial blockages. opened.

Mayor of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Assoc. Dr. Mustafa Tuna, since the first day of office, has given priority to the implementation of the demands of the citizens within the framework of the principle of v common mind gel.


The intersection made by the method of sunk on the boulevard, 3 going-3 arrival and total length of 410 meters. Thanks to the bored pile near the 500 and the 68 prestressed beams, the intersection will be provided with an uninterrupted and continuous flow of traffic to the Ring Road.

In order to prevent the congestion on the road, the following crossroads and geç U lar turnways were built on Anadolu Boulevard:

U National Infrastructure Junction in front of CHP, Marşandiz Bridge (53 Day Bridge), Ali Semerkandi Underpass, Necip Fazil Bridge, 1071 bridge and boulevard on 4 Malazgirt Boulevard, demolition and inclusion of slums in Dikmen, Hurdacilar Site Interchange 'U 'turn bridge, ASKİ İvedik Treatment Plant front' U 'turn bridge, ANKAPARK Overpass Bridge'


With the launch of the TÜVTÜRK Bridge Interchange, vehicle drivers traveling in the north-south direction from Dikmen Sokullu Avenue to the Ring Road have thus achieved uninterrupted access to the 19 kilometer.

Günceleme: 24/12/2018 15:51

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