Ankara-Sivas YHT Project Accelerated Rail Works

Yozgat Governor Kemal Yurtnaç, Ankara-Sivas High-Speed ​​Train (YHT) project launched under the scope of the rail work continued uninterrupted.

One of the important axes of the railway corridor, which combines Asian countries with Asia Minor on the Silk Road, is the Ankara-Sivas YHT Project which continues to run rapidly.

When the project is completed, Ankara-Sivas YHT project will reduce the time between Sivas-Ankara to 2 hours and Ankara-Yozgat will be reduced to approximately an hour.

Governor Kemal Yurtnaç, said in a statement on the subject, Ankara-Yozgat-Sivas between the service of the high-speed train service will start to take up the economic potential of Yozgat, he said.

Halil Rifat Pasha's i You can not go where you are not ün reminding the Governor Yurtnaç, said:
"We have to put forth alternatives of transport in Turkey today. It is not only the road but also the railway, air and sea routes. In the Presidential Government System, the Ankara-Sivas YHT project, which is still under construction in the 100 daily action plan, continues today. The work continues extremely fast. In recent months, the ceremony was held with the participation of our ministers, as of today, the work continues uninterrupted.

Governor Yurtnaç stated that the high speed train will make Yozgat's thermal resources more useful because of its proximity to Ankara. These studies will bring social and economic mobility to the region. Bu

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