Ankara Garı Campus was awarded to Medipol University?

ankara gari campus was given to medipol university
ankara gari campus was given to medipol university

Chamber of Architects and BTS raises the claim that the Ankara Gar area will be given to Medipol University, which is the founder of the Minister of Health.

Ankara Branch of the Chamber of Architects and the Union of United Transport Workers (BTS) stated that a plan change was made regarding the Ankara Gar Campus and the site of the camp was seen as a private university area. Professional chambers told government officials mi Is this where the Medipol University was founded by the Minister of Health? We are going to sue this plan, a non-public interest, in a historic area of ​​approximately 300 thousand square meters of construction is envisaged. On the other hand, with the city hospitals, there is no need for hospitals in the city, why is the hospital being built in the city center? We are waiting for clarification uz.

Ankara Branch of the Chamber of Architects and the Union of Unions Transporters (BTS) organized a press conference in the Provincial Directorate of Environmental Urbanization for TCDD Ankara Campus. 29216 scale Implementation Plan Change was discussed on the table.

1.5 projected about 300 thousand square meters with precedent and non-peer construction

Tezcan Karakuş Candan, Ankara Branch President of the Chamber of Architects, said: In the plan change, it is stated that this area is a private university area. This means that Haci Bayram Veli University has been disabled as a state university. While he was not discussing the approaches to the treasury at that time, there were discourses on the other hand that there would be a health campus to be given to Medipol. This place will be about medical school, as well as the work of the hospital is expressed. The government has given us an explanation for Medipol University? Hükümet he said.

13 registered structure in the area, we are concerned

Candan continued:

Ip The founder of Medipol University is the Minister of Health. The Ministry of Health has been allocated to the university of someone? They need to explain this. In this area, a construction of 116 thousand square meters of precedent 1,5 is foreseen. All of the basement floors are shown as unsigned. There is a precedent increase that exceeds 2 with out-of-structure constructions. Previously, the 49 thousand square meter area of ​​the Gar camp was transferred to the treasury. The area with small parcels in the plan is about 78 thousand square meters. In this plan change, we are facing a construction area of ​​116 thousand square meters and a construction area of ​​300 thousand square meters. Building heights will be 35,5 meters. This is one of the most important points of Ankara. Ankara Gar Campus is the gateway of Başkent to the Republic. We do not find the division of this to be given to a private foundation university. There is a 13 registered structure in the area. TCDD Museum and Architect Kemalettin's Second Regional Directorate. This 13 structure is also allocated to the foundation. Your concern about the registered structures here. There is no pulling distance in the constructions to be built next to the registered structures. That means it can be done to the bottom. There is no such thing as the pick-up distance from the registered structure. A project that closes proprietary structures may also come before us. We will move the change of the plan to the legal process and with the cancellation of the protocol agreement that we opened before, we foresee that Ankara Station will be protected as a whole. There is an important dimension in terms of transportation in Ankara.

There is a hospital in 10, why was it needed?

Noting that the region does not need a hospital or medical school, Candan said:

Uz Looking from this angle we see that the 1,5-2 kilometers from the 10 hospital is around the gar. 2 to the Faculty of Medicine of Gazi University, 1 to the Numune Hospital, 1,3 to the Hacettepe Faculty of Medicine, 1,5 to İbn-i Sina and Ankara University Medical Faculty, and 1,5 2 is the other hospitals in this area. We think this is not realistic either. When you move all hospitals to Bilkent and Etlik City Hospitals, you say that we need such a thing. This means that personal needs and needs are shaped by other kinds of relations. This needs to be made public. If this area is given to the university's health minister, it is a situation. Plan notes reinforce this perspective. Plan

Ankara traffic will become inevitable

Candan, Ankara, in case of approval of the change of the plan will be inextricable traffic, saying, durumunda Here is the 3,4 parcel. All the plans and projects related to pedestrian and vehicle passage can be done. TCDD can pass through the pedestrian and overland vehicles. This area is already a Roman period. Roman excavations can be found in this area. EGO Hangars in this region where there is a building with 70 storey. Ankara traffic will be locked with the load it will bring. With the construction of a medical faculty and hospital, it will bring an extra burden here. 300 is a construction area of ​​1,000 square meters, here you can think of as a bomb thrown into the heart of Ankara when we think of the emergency room. It is an important place that is in the heart of Ankara and provides the connection with other districts. Ankara

We are faced with business weakness

Ismail Özdemir, BTS Ankara Branch President, made the following evaluation:

Şekill Ankara Railway Station was located in the center of the city with the foundation of the Republic and Ankara Station. The Ankara Station faces the pillaging of the public sphere by the government. This was the case in Kayseri and Istanbul. Areas in the center of the cities to make the property itself, the support of his followers are in pursuit. While the TCDD has been operating for a long time, railway operation has been interrupted with the Ankara New Train Station. In the past, the 17 error was reduced while there was an 13 line at Ankara Station. Weight was the mall. We are forced to maneuver as employees. Here we had the line line changing the direction of our rail cars. They have closed down the number of lines have reduced the serious business weakness we are faced with. When they bring these buildings and place them here, the population and settlement will increase. We have filed a lawsuit in Kayseri against this wrong course and we have gained legal gain. We also filed a lawsuit with the Ankara Branch of the Chamber of Architects. We will carry this to the conscience of society and step back in the conscience of society. We will continue to fight in legal and operational terms. H

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