Proj Khartoum Intelligent Transportation System Pilot Project Ar Agreement Between IMM and Sudan

📩 22/12/2018 17:55

A protocol was signed between ISBAK, a subsidiary of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality and Sudanese Sinkad Mastır, to establish intelligent transportation systems in Khartoum. Speaking at the ceremony, Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Mevlüt Uysal said, kadar Our municipal affiliates have developed smart urbanization projects to solve the problems of Istanbul. These systems we have developed now become a model for the world. Geliştir

The projects of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, which were implemented in order to relieve the traffic in Istanbul and to accelerate urban transportation, attract interest in the world. In this context, a signature ceremony was held for the ği Sudan Hartum City Intelligent Transportation Systems Pilot Project amaç which aims to implement the intelligent transportation systems developed by İBB subsidiary İSBAK in Sudan. Mevlüt Uysal, Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality of Khartoum Khakid Mohamed Khair, General Director of ISBAK, Mohammad Alyürük, Consul General of Sudan, Emod-Mirghani Abdelhamed Altohamy, IBB bureaucrats, Sudanese bureaucrats and guests She attended.

Uysal said that ISBAK has achieved a significant success and said kadar Our municipal affiliates have developed smart urbanization projects to solve the problems of Istanbul. These systems that we have developed for our other cities are now a model for the world. In this context, we are signing an important agreement today. With the agreement between İSBAK and Sinkad Mastır Company, one of the public companies of Sudan, intelligent transportation systems developed by İSBAK will be implemented in Khartoum. In the first place, an agreement with 1.1 million euros. This is perhaps not a symbolically high figure, but I think it is important that the work that is actually more important than the figure is important. Because with this agreement, İSBAK sold its wide-ranging smart city system abroad for the first time. Good deal. Hopefully this deal will be a start. We wish our wishes to do more beautiful works later. Devam

We are ready to support SUDAN
Uysal emphasized that relations with Sudan are based on the law of brotherhood. Therefore, we are ready to share our knowledge and experience within the framework of the fraternity law. I hope we have already done things in the past based on the law of brotherhood. We will provide support in all areas such as mutual work, experience sharing and technical training of our technical team. Karşılık

Khakum Mohamed Khair, the Minister of Infrastructure and Transport of Khartoum State, said that they would like to cooperate with IMM for larger agreements in the future. Istanbul and Khartoum sister city. very happy, it has come to Istanbul and Turkey as Sudanese and proud. This cooperation project can be a materially modest project. But the spiritual value it carries is very important to us. I would like to thank the IMM and ISBAK authorities for their efforts to implement this project. We believe that such projects, which are very important to us, will be the first step of our cooperation in every field to serve our people. We believe that this cooperation will increase to hundreds of millions of euros in the near future, and that we will continue to serve on the path of charity together. Yakın
After the speeches were completed, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mevlüt Uysal, Khartoum State Infrastructure and Transport Minister Khakid Mohamed Khair, ISBAK General Manager Mohammed Alyürük and Sinkad Mastir company Abdan-ahmed Salih Khiri signed an agreement.

Within the scope of the agreement, smart transportation systems covering signalized intersection, variable message system, lane information system, red light violation detection system, traffic measurement system, traffic monitoring camera system will be established in Khartoum of Sudan. The project, which will be implemented as a pilot project, is planned to be expanded in the coming period.

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