A New Project From Erzurum Metropolitan That Eases Transportation

Erzurum Metropolitan Municipality, Şükrüpaşa and 50. He started a new project in order to minimize the transportation density in Yıl Caddesi.

Metropolitan Municipality, 50. Yıl Caddesi, Şükrüpaşa and Dadaşköy Street will be connected to the new viaduct. Erzurum Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mehmet Sekmen said in a statement about the subject: yap The viaduct we will make in the region will be 75 meters long. The project to be built on the train line is completed when 50. Year Street, Şükrüpaşa and Dadaşköy Street where the 3 intersection will do more. A new road will be built at the 1120 meter at the same location along with the connection roads. Our new roads will be composed of 20 meter-wide double lanes along with directions of arrival and departure ız. President Sekmen, especially 50 when the project is completed. He also stated that the transportation density in Yıl Caddesi and Şükrüpaşa will end.

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