Minister Turhan Examined Cevizdere Bridge

Minister of Transport and Infrastructure, Mehmet Cahit Turhan, in the regions affected by the floods in the Army found.

Minister Turhan, Wednesday came to the town of Unye district.

Turhan examined the Cevizdere Bridge in Cevizdere, which provides transportation on the Black Sea Coastal Road and collapsed due to excessive rainfall.

Receiving information from Ünye District Governor Ümit Hüseyin Güney and Ünye Mayor Ahmet Çamyar, Turhan listened to the problems of the citizens.

Turhan, Cevizderesi around the damaged areas and collapsed bridges found.

Later, Turhan, who visited the wounded at Ünye State Hospital and received information about his condition from Chief Physician Güray Yılmaz, expressed his wishes for the past.

Hasan Arslan, one of the wounded, told Minister Turhan about his experiences and said, “Allah Almighty made us live this life. We were under the rubble. We couldn't get out of that mud. ” said.

Minister Turhan, who also went to Fatsa district, received information from Fatsa District Governor Mehmet Yapıcı and Fatsa Mayor Muharrem Aktepe on the edge of Elekçi River.

Minister Cahit Turhan, after the inspections passed to the Governorship of Ordu.

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