Minister Turhan: Selde in Ordu, ümüz Destruction of our 8 Bridges han

Transport and Infrastructure Minister Mehmet Cahit Turhan, in relation to the column in the Army, "8 pieces of the bridge occurred in destruction, one of them on the way to the coast of 7 units, migrated, can not serve." He said.

Turan, who then made his studies in Ünye, met with Vice President Fuat Oktay at the Governorship of Ordu.

After the press release, Turhan reviewed the road works carried out at Eskipazar site of the Ordu Ring Road, and then went to the construction site to get information from the employees.

Minister Turhan, said in a statement, Unye, Fatsa, Thursday and Çaybaşı districts caused damage caused by floods, he said. Turhan, said:

Konut Some housing, workplaces and vehicles were damaged. Again, our 8 pieces were destroyed in the bridge, one of them on the way to the coast of the 7 number of migrated, can not provide service, 1 has been emptied in the approach of the group fill. Right now this is out of service, but our highways teams will repair the approach padding and we will open this service. We will start the construction works by making auctions as soon as possible regarding our other bridges. We plan to complete the construction of these in the coming period and open to service. Bunlar

Ordu Peripheral Highway

Turhan said that they are conducting an investigation on the Ordu Ring Road Project, which is under construction in Ordu. Sah This project is an important part of the Black Sea Coast Road. The Ordu coastal crossing was divided during the Black Sea Coast Road, but the urban, regional and transit traffic is causing a lot of time in transportation due to the high number of intersections here, not being level, and being signalized. Ordu

In order to solve this problem, Turhan stated that the construction of the Ordu Ring Road was made and significant progress was made in the construction works. We aim to open the first stage of this year to traffic. We are aiming to open the bus station through the south of Ordu through the Boztepe tunnel from the 21,4 's second kilometer of the Thursday-Bolaman route and then to open the bus station junction at the end of this year. Aman

Turhan pointed out that due to the geological structure of the land there is a risk of landslide, he said:

Ilgili Our friends informed us about the landslide prevention study. After the completion of this landslide prevention project, other manufactures have been completed until the bus terminal. When the landslide prevention project is completed by the end of this year, a significant portion of the traffic will be bypassed. This is an important stage. We aim to connect the next steps to the university junction next year. 2020 is envisaged for the completion of the project. Pro

Minister Turhan in his review of the Ordu Ring Road, the Army Governor Seddar Yavuz, AK Party deputies Senel Yediyıldız and Metin Gündoğdu Army, Army Mayor Enver Yilmaz, Altinordu Mayor Engin Tekintaş and other officials accompanied.

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