Cable Car is Made to Mount Nemrut

nemrut mountain cable car
nemrut mountain cable car

AK Party Adıyaman Member of Parliament Muhammed Fatih Toprak gave information about new projects related to Adıyaman tourism at the meeting held at Kahta Municipality's treatment facilities and stated that the tourism sector will be revived in Adıyaman with the cable car to be built on Mount Nemrut.


Deputy Toprak said, “Our region has a very serious tourism potential both in terms of geography and cultural diversity. From time to time, it has a suitable structure that can host many tourism ranging from faith tourism to nature tourism, winter tourism to water tourism and historical tourism. In this sense, we are working on some projects for the promotion of Adıyaman tourism. You can build an Eiffel Tower today, but you cannot rebuild a Mount Nemrut. The 8th Wonder of the world and a truly open-air museum is the best place to watch the sunrise. It has the highest open air museum in the world. One of the projects we prepare for the promotion of historical and cultural tourism is the construction of a cable car to Mount Nemrut. With this project, Nemrut Tourism will be revived by cable car. I think that the tourism sector will be re-opened in Adıyaman with the cable car to be built ”.


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