MUTTAŞ and ÖTTA Passed 100 Solid Passenger of Muğla Population

MUTTAŞ and Private Public Transport Vehicles (ÖTTA), which are connected to Muğla Metropolitan Municipality, have carried 100 Million 85 Bin 610 passengers to this day.

MUTTAŞ AND ÖTTA, which offers comfort services to citizens with the “Transformation in Transportation başlat project initiated by Muğla Metropolitan Municipality in order to ensure service integrity in accordance with metropolitan law, continues to be the preference of citizens.

According to a written statement made by Muğla Metropolitan Municipality, MUTTAŞ and ÖTTA have been carrying 100 million 85 Bin 610 passengers to this day. In the statement made, about 175 thousand passengers in the province that draws attention to the Muğla Metropolitan Municipality, the statement gave the following statement;

In The number of citizens who prefer public transportation is increasing day by day. MUTTAŞ, which is affiliated with our municipality, and ÖTTA, which we supervised, carried 100 Million 85 Bin 610 passengers to this day. MUTTAŞ and ÖTTAŞ, which earn the trust of citizens and provide transportation services in the 13 district in 286, carries an average of 175 thousand passengers per day throughout the province. Vat

In Transformation Project, it is emphasized that disabled citizens can get easier service. I We fulfill our duties in our municipality in terms of social municipality. While we are making ramped pavements for our disabled citizens, we show our sensitivity with our driver friends in our vehicles. With the new generation vehicles suitable for disabled access, 2 Million 100 Thousand disabled citizens were provided free of charge transportation service. Under the Law No. 4736, the Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Services, 65 citizens above the age, martyrs and veterans, veterans, disabled people and so on. Free 13 million passengers were given free transportation to the public by free transportation ücretsiz.



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