İZBAN is proud of the double

IZBAN, 30 August Victory Day and 8. anniversary of the great pride of celebrating together.

Izmir Suburban System İZBAN, which has been implemented as the biggest tolerance and synergy project of our country, is celebrating the 30 August Victory Day and the age of the day together. IZBAN, 30 August 2010 on the north-south axis of Izmir on the front of the journey began. In its first year, with its 24 wagons and 31 stations, İZBAN has become one of the fastest growing rail system operators in Europe, not only in our country but also in the last eight years.

İZBAN has continuously expanded its fleet in the last six to eight years. After the first year of operation, the number of wagons was extended to 99. Today, IZBAN serves the people of Izmir with a giant fleet of 219 wagons. The fleet will grow even more in the coming period.

In the first year of its operation (30 August 2010-31 December 2010), IZBAN carried 2,5 million passengers. The transfer of ESHOT buses and the integration of Izmir Metro and Izmir Tram and the number of passengers increased with the increase of the system. The continued growth of 2011 million passengers in 40, 100 million for last year took place. İZBAN, in total, surpassed the record of carrying 500 million passengers.

30 2010'da 10'da first, the southern axis "We start" with the slogan of İZBAN and Izmir Metro between the second transfer station Hilal, 2012 June 3'da opened. Hilal, especially Sirinyer from the busy southern stations, such as the transfer of passengers has provided great convenience. Today, Hilal Station has become one of the busiest XNUMX stations of İZBAN.

The Torbalı line of İZBAN, which has been continuously growing on the north-south axis, was put into service on the date of 6 February 2016. Stations, pedestrian and highway sub-overpass construction and station technical equipment and communication systems Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, signaling, double line infrastructure and electrification works The opening ceremony of the Torbali line by TCDD was held at 14 February 2016. With the activation of the Torbali line, the number of stations of IZBAN rose to 38 and the line length from 80 to 110.

The next stop of İZBAN from Torbalı was Selçuk. 8 September 2017 health and Selcuk stations were put into service with a ceremony, so that İZBAN 136 reached a mile long line and 40 station. The current route of İZBAN is Bergama, which is on the UNESCO World Heritage Site. With the commissioning of this line, a cultural bridge between Pergamum and another ancient city, Selçuk, will be built.

August 30, 2010 - Passenger pre-operation
February 13, 2012 - Integration with ESHOT
7 October 2011 - Torbali line groundbreaking ceremony
March 8, 2012 - 50 millionth passenger
28 May 2013 - UITP Grand Prize
June 19, 2014 - 200 millionth passenger
August 4, 2013 - Opening of Hilal Station
August 30, 2014 - Gulf Dolphin sets put into service
February 6, 2016 - Opening of Torbali line
8 September 2017 - Opening of the Selçuk line
November 3, 2017 - 500 millionth passenger

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