CHP's Karaca "Train Accidents are Not Isolated"

CHP Deputy Chairman Gülizar Biçer Karaca, 30 July 2018 in the evening hours due to excessive precipitation collapsed and the mechanics noticed the disaster caused by the facia, Izmir-Denizli iron-on-written explanation.

CHP Deputy Chairman Gülizar Biçer Karaca, TCDD road repair and maintenance work was carried out by whom.

CHP Denizli deputy Gülizar Biçer Karaca, mechanic noticed by the difference between the trajectory of the Izmir-Denizli railway line in front of the possible accident should be looked at the source, he said. 30 July 2018 The disaster that was prevented by the mechanics of the collapse due to heavy rainfall in the evening on Monday, led to the negligence of the firm that made the İzmir-Denizli railway.

2016 TCDD reports that the organization has the highest share in both cash aids and fundraising in the reports of the MPA. TCDD has received 2016 Billion TL. The amount of the KIT cash investment amount paid to TCDD of 7,1 Billion TL is 6,1 Billion TL. In addition, the TCDD holds the 5,6 in the 4,9 organization for the purchase of goods. Values. In addition, TCDD road maintenance and repair expenses are met by the Treasury between 25-11 years. '' He said.

CHP Deputy Chairman and Denizli Deputy Karaca '2016 even in the year of such payments to TCDD even when the railway renewal, maintenance and repair of how and by whom, is very important in the prevention of train disasters. In accordance with the law numbered 6461, the renovation, maintenance and repair works are taken as basis for the private sector. We will pay the TCDD a lot more than the state budget and we will do the most important activities such as the maintenance of the railways for private companies. Then, we will experience train disasters. The responsibilities of the companies, which are enriched with Build-Operate-Transfer projects and given infrastructure projects for more profit by disregarding human life, should be discussed and this event should not be seen alone. Said.

Biçer Karaca ge The fact that the infrastructure and transportation projects carried out under the guarantee of the State has been controlled and inspected by the cost calculation, the AKP rejected our proposal to investigate the Çorlu train accident. Accidents are unpredictable but can be prevented. While the pain of the death of our citizens in the Çorlu catastrophe was still fresh, the presence of gaps under the Izmir-Denizli line should be calculated and precautions should be taken. We, the public on behalf of projects that disregard the safety of life, supports, approves, and subcontractors through the costs of covering up the damages of the authorities are following step by step. '' He said.

CHP Denizli Deputy Biçer Karaca invited the Minister of Transport of AKP to explain the company for the situation that will be explained by the precipitation and natural disasters on the İzmir-Denizli railway line, and to perform its duties on behalf of the public in order to prevent the repetition of similar activities.

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