Citizen's BUDO Rebellion

The deficiencies of the service building of Bursa's brand BUDO at the Mudanya pier have rebelled the citizens.

People living in Mudanya and often ferry to Istanbul, Güzelyalı resident Zeki Saygi recently living in the social media via the Burulaş General Directorate of Buru'lları echo was found by the call.

Respectful; “Mr. Burulaş and BUDO officials, As per my job, I have been constantly traveling by ferries operated by BUDO and İDO from Mudanya and Güzelyalı piers. There is a big difference in cleaning between the two companies. I want to explain this with the following example. In addition to the fact that BUDO's toilets are very dirty, I saw that the toilets do not even have a bidet valve.


At that moment I called the authorities there and showed them. They tried to close the incident saying there was nothing we could do. Burulaş officials: I warn and criticize you as the passengers of BUDO. Please do not be angry with my criticism. Because good and useful works have always occurred as a result of criticism and criticism. I also think it is useful to remind the Muslim saying that it is clean. Yours sincerely, "he received a high level of support from other permanent passengers from BUDO. While the financial support of BUDO, which gave 3 million lira for the breast advertisement, to Bursaspor, to Bursa's pride, was applauded by the residents of Bursa, citizens were asked to increase the service quality of BUDO.

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