At Work At Ataköy İkitelli Metro Construction

At the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality's Ataköy-İkitelli metro line, the 700 worker who worked at the construction site between Yenibosna and Çobançeşme subway stops was dismissed without any reason. The employees of the Bayburt Group company continue their expectations at the construction site of Çobançeşme.

The work of the workers close to 700, which works at the Ataköy-İkitelli metro line construction site, was terminated by the Bayburt Group. Workers who cannot get their receivables, are waiting on site.

The 700 worker, who worked at the construction site between the Yenibosna and Çobançeşme metro stations in the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (İBB), Ataköy-İkitelli metro line, was dismissed on August for no reason. The employees of the Bayburt Group company learned that they were dismissed after reading the names of the shirts. Workers who cannot get their fees yet continue their expectations at the construction site in Çobançeşme.

The workers explained their dismissal processes to Bilal Seçkin from the Mesopotamia News Agency. Emrah Özdemir, who came to work from Bitlis, stated that he was dismissed after working 25 days and said, “When we woke up to work one day, our foreman read our name and said, 'You will not work after that.' They fired us without offering us any possibility. After firing, they tried to bring us a contract in which we would not look for our rights. We did not sign this contract and turned it down. ”


Noting that they could not get their receivables, Özdemir emphasized that they were constantly distracted and emphasized that most workers at the construction site were free and could not go to their country. Stating that the company is trying to send themselves from the construction site without giving money, Özdemir said, “There is no senior manager to whom we will be addressed at the construction site. They keep us busy. We have nearly 700 workers removed. We were just called 'Halal your right'. After that, we could not see anybody in front of us as a partner. We are victims, we have neither places to go nor money. We are waiting here at our construction sites, we will not go anywhere without our right. We will resist until we receive our money. ”


Özdemir underlined that the reasons for the dismissal stemmed from the economic crisis in the country and reacted by saying, “The country is entering the crisis, we are suffering the damage, as if we have sunk the country”.


Bilal Kaymak, who came from Diyarbakır and worked as an operator at the Bayburt Group, stated that he started working on the site on June 19. Kaymak said, “They gathered us in the refectory. The names of a few specific people were counted and they said, 'They're here.' They said to others, "Make your right halal," and let us go. Nothing has been done. Our insurance was canceled the day we were laid off immediately. The first day we were presented with a paper, they said sign it. We did not sign the papers they gave. The paper said, "I got all my rights, I will not file any compensation."


Saying that the payrolls came on Saturday, Kaymak said, “I had 39 days of money on the payroll, they will deposit it, but I do not have a 4-day leave. I'm telling them to show a way of interest, nobody is interested. ” Kaymak said, “Before I was laid off, I bought a 19 lira flight ticket for 351th of the month to go on holiday. Due to my check-out, I had to get the ticket early. I got it on the 11th of the month. Until the 11th nobody took care of us, didn't give our money and had to stay here. I delayed the ticket again, the plane ticket I bought for 351 liras cost me 500 liras. I will go and go to the country. If an operation has not been done yet, I will have to come back and continue my wait. ”


Construction and Construction Workers Union (İYİ-SEN) Chairman Ali Öztutan stated that they have been with the workers since the first day of layoffs. Öztutan said, “In order to protect themselves from legal obligations, company officials attempted to sign a text that they received all their receivables. We, as the union, said that none of our friends should sign this text, and those who throw it should be canceled. Bayburt Group intended to disperse our colleagues, without giving them their rights. But our colleagues did not accept this. They usually fired workers who had not completed two months. The aim is to ensure that they do not receive notice compensation. In recent days, similar layoffs have been intense at many construction sites. Do not throw work at the jobsite where the grounds specified in Turkey but the main reason for the current economic crisis. Does the bill crisis in Turkey began to talk in breaking up the workers. The construction sector in Turkey, especially the capitalist class gained considerable profits. We see that the first bill was cut to the construction workers with the crisis. ”

Source : the mezopotamyaajans

Günceleme: 03/03/2019 16:44

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