50 Annual Transportation Problem Manisa Metropolitan Expenses

The Metropolitan Municipality of Manisa has solved the transportation problem of the Public Housing Complex in the central district of Şehzadeler for over half a century by means of public transportation. The suffering of the citizens marching about 2 for various needs ended with the Metropolitan Municipality of Manisa.

Manisa Metropolitan Municipality, citizen-oriented service, while continuing to work, the center of the Public Housing neighborhood of half a century of transportation problem has solved. The work and the project to be applied to the public transport vehicle on the site by examining the Assistant General Secretary of the Manisa Metropolitan Municipality Mustafa Genç, the residents of the Public Works District can use the means of public transportation to Mevlevihane said. Mustafa Genç, the Head of Transportation Department, was accompanied by Ersoy Arslan, the Head of the Muhtarlik Services Department, while Kazim Karabekir, the Headman of the District, Tekin Aydın, Turgut Özal, the Headman, İsmet Bakşi, and Bedirhan Çiçek, Head of the Public Works District, were also present.

Bedirhan Cicek of the Public Works District, the neighborhood for more than half a century, said that the transport retard for transportation, both housewives and students had to walk a long distance to take advantage of public transportation vehicles, he said. Manisa Metropolitan Municipality Deputy Secretary General Mustafa Genç, Manisa Metropolitan Municipality, the work of the first stage of the temporary transportation problem, even though the solution is resolved.

Manisa Metropolitan Municipality Secretary General Mustafa Genç said,, With the instructions of Manisa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Cengiz Ergün, the transformation in transportation started in Manisa continues at Manisa. The grievances of our former victims are eliminated. All of our people provide convenient transportation between the neighborhoods within the city. In our Public Works Area, approximately 2 kilometer road from Alaybey Market to Mevlevihane Point had to be on foot with the shopping materials they got from the market. Our Head of Transportation Department and his team have solved this problem by speaking with Bedirhan Çiçek, Head of Public Works. Until the commencement of the electric buses that will start in the near future, we saved our Gest brand vehicles and walking together with the materials purchased by our citizens shopping on Alaybey Bazaar on Saturdays. We would like to express our gratitude to Hüseyin Üstün, Head of Transportation Department for their consideration of this business. On Saturdays from noon to the evening until the citizens will carry. We will start to transport our citizens every day with the commencement of electric buses. For more than half a century, we will have solved the problem of public transport not coming together. Fazla

Bedirhan Çiçek, Head of Public Works, stated in his speech that e We thank Cengiz Ergün, Manisa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor and his team, for finding a solution to this problem, which is more than half a century ago. This was a big problem in our neighborhood, the bleeding wound. It was a big problem for Manisa. Our citizens in Manisa were deprived of the view here. Our citizens, at least without a car, will now come by public transportation and follow the scenery. En

Mr. Hüseyin Üstün, Head of Transportation Department of Manisa Metropolitan Municipality stated that they planned to give public transportation to Public Works within the scope of transportation master plans. Mah The Head of Muhtarlik Services Ersoy Arslan and our muhtars had requests for us. We have provided our vehicle to provide transportation to the marketplace of our citizens residing here on Saturdays until the electric buses have started to be serviced by taking the consent of the Private Public Bus Cooperative. We will carry out regular public transport services with the electric buses starting service. Toplu Ersoy Arslan, Head of Village Services, said: ı This is a very important activity that concerns the Public Works, Kocatepe and Gediz Neighborhoods. There is no such application here for about half a century. Especially the Saturday market was victimized. Thanks to the instructions of Cengiz Ergün, Mayor of Manisa Metropolitan Municipality. The electric buses will be serviced every day. Our headmen are always near MASKI and Metropolitan. I wish it to be auspicious Ben.

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