Happy 30th Anniversary of August 96 Victory Day

Today, Turkey will take place around the August 30 Victory Day celebrations. Mustafa Kemal Atatürk described the Great Victory on August 96, 30, in which he celebrated his 1922th anniversary, in his 1924 Dumlupınar speech.

“There is no one who knows: Our nation was on the shore of the darkest poverty, the deepest cliff, on the day of its domination. All his powers were worn, all his defense tools were taken away, his holy beings were attacked, he was in a very painful situation. By ignoring all this, he decided to save his existence and independence. In order to succeed in his decision, he had to choose a collective behavior, a specific goal. With all the existence of the nation, with all its belief, he had to walk together on the road, and succeed sooner. It was this place, this was the place, gentlemen. The expected and desired success was the victory here. ”

We commemorate the great leader Mustafa Kemal Atatürk and his arms friends with mercy and gratitude and celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Turkish nation's August 96 Victory, which brought us this unprecedented victory in our glorious history, which we celebrate even today.

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