3. Did the Airport Apron Migrate? Or Is Metro Operation Done?

While the huge pit formed at the 3rd Airport spread on social media was on the agenda, contradictory statements came. Speaking to soL, an airport worker stated that the responsible company is trying to hide the dent.

A photo circulated on social media, 3. The airport apron showed a big dent. The firm said that the incident was not a dent and that the pit was opened consciously. The allegations of the citizens working at the airport are the fact that the incident is really a dent and the company is trying to close the event.


Speaking to soL, an airport worker stated that the accident was a dent and that İGA was trying to cover it up. Stating that the large pit formed is between the Terminal and Pier 2 regions, the airport worker stated that this area was filled with filling soil for days before and that the soil was compacted by rollers.

Pier 2 next to the zone next to the terminal 1-9 region that will go to the construction of the road that collapsed during the construction work, the citizens also used by this road is often expressed by workers.

'İGA IS Trying to Cover Up'

Airline construction workers, deliberately opened in the pit dozer scoops should be a trace of the nail, but shared traces of such images in the giant pit is a ditch, indicating that the traces pointed out.

Kokpit.aeroAccording to the report, İGA made the following statement regarding the incident: “In the scope of the project, the second temporary transportation shaft was opened in the apron, in addition to the existing shaft, in order to complete the Airport Terminal Station M9 truss structure manufacturing program. After the necessary studies are completed, the contact shaft will be closed ”.

Photos shared at the scene support workers' claims.

Source : haber.sol.org.t is



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