First Pickaxe Shot at Kepekli and Akköprü Junction

📩 22/12/2018 17:38

Mayor of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Assoc. Dr. Two of the three major transportation projects Mustafa Tuna announced to be started with the closure of the schools were the first to be excavated in the arrangement of Dikmen Kepekli and Akköprü Junction.

President Tuna, who warned the capitalists about the new traffic flow on social media in relation to the studies started simultaneously, said:

L We have started to implement the infrastructure and transportation works, which are the priority demands of our capitalists. We will provide a very versatile and comfortable transportation with the addition and extension of the Akkopru Junction at the Dikmen Kepekli Junction on Konya Road.

. Turk Telekom U-Turn ”, which is the third intersection project on Samsun Highway, has completed the tender phase and the construction process will be started as soon as possible after legal processes. In If there is no mania, we aim to finish all three intersections until the autumn Samsun.


Stressing that there will be a great relief in the flow of traffic with the completion of the works, Mayor Tuna also talked about the project which will provide uninterrupted transportation in Konya Road:

Ş We will make an underpass on the point where the Mevlana Boulevard, also known as the Kepekli Intersection, intersects with Dikmen Avenue. At the intersection where traffic is regulated by signaling, we will build an underpass which is about 470 meters long and 3 going-3 arrival. In the project which will make the traffic in the direction of Konya-Samsun road uninterrupted, we will provide the entrance of the vehicles coming from Samsun-Konya road direction to Dikmen Street thanks to the roundabout in the upper region of the lower passage.-


Konya, Istanbul and Samsun at the intersection of the Akkopru arrangement project, which will relax the region traffic to another study that said President Tuna, the bridge will be expanded to return 3'er lane announced that the exit.

Mayor of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Assoc. Dr. Mustafa Tuna pointed out that the connections to Istanbul Road, located in the middle section of the bridge, will be taken to the right sides of the Konya and Samsun roads.


Reminding that the traffic congestion annoys everyone, Ankara Mayor Assoc. Dr. Mustafa Tuna, apologized for the problems.

. Our goal here is a more comfortable and safe traffic in Ankara. Already we apologize to our people for the transportation problems that may occur during these works. We're sorry when a citizen has trouble in traffic. We are following the traffic congestion due to the works in Konya Road and İstanbul Road. We strive to provide as much vehicle passage as possible. But we will not be comfortable without this trouble. We're shooting scalpels at the distressed areas. We need to solve the infrastructure and traffic problems of Ankara one by one Ankara.

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