UTIKAD Opens the Doors of Future Logistics on September 19, 2018

UTİKAD opens the doors of the Logistics of the Future on September 19, 2018. Many extraordinary names and events await at the summit, with a wide range of participants from the manufacturers, especially from the Turkish logistics industry, to software and IT companies.

Ali Rıza Ersoy, Founder of ION Academy, presents a different approach to production and logistics with his speech titled 'Catch the Change: Industry 4.0' at the Futurist-Economist Ufuk Tarhan 'Future Logistics Summit'. .

The International Logistics Service Summit, organized by UTİKAD, on September 19, 2018, has excited the logistics sector. The summit, which will be addressed in every aspect of the future of the logistics industry, draws intense interest from sponsors and participants.

At the summit that will open the doors of the future for UTİKAD members and industry stakeholders, entrepreneurs who offer technological products to the sector will make innovative presentations, and speakers from abroad and domestic will share their 'future scenarios'.

In the Future Logistics Summit, where representatives from many different sectors from supply chain managers to manufacturers, import and export companies to foreign trade companies will come together, new business models and ways of doing business will be evaluated.

At the Logistics Summit of the Future, participants will meet with two extraordinary keynote speakers. Futurist-Economist Ufuk Tarhan will talk about the future scenarios that will determine the professional and private life with his speech titled 'Those Coming With the Future'. Drawing attention with its extraordinary and assertive determinations on blockchain, Tarhan will also present its predictions about the future of the real sectors and logistics sector.

4.0 Industry telling people to Turkey, Ali Rıza Ersoy will share the impact began to be felt especially in the professional life of more than 4.0, the effects of the logistics industry with participants. ION Academy Founder Ali Rıza Ersoy will reveal the trends that will shape the sectors with his speech titled 'Catch the Change: Industry 4.0'.

In the panels that will continue throughout the day, the President of the Sustainable Production and Consumption Association (SÜT-D) and the Academician Prof.Dr. Dr. Filiz Karaosmanoğlu, Founder of Chainstep GmbH Frank Bolten, Grundig Academy General Manager. Kadri Bahşi, Regional Environmental Center (REC) Turkey Director Rifat name Ünal Sayman and many more proficient participants to come to the business world and to transmit information on the logistics sector.

UTİKAD invites the entire logistics industry and its stakeholders who receive logistics services to the Future Logistics Summit to present new perspectives, prepare for different scenarios in their professional lives and share important tips about their future plans.

Detailed information and sponsorship www.utikadzirve.org You can also register online.

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