Inexhaustible Card Comes to Public Transportation in İzmir Insufficient Balance Transfer Ends

The problem of “loading money on smart cards and tracking the remaining amount” is getting old for those who use public transportation in Izmir. Thanks to the "automatic filling with credit card" system that Izmir Metropolitan Municipality ESHOT General Directorate will implement as of 30 July, Izmirim Cards are now turning into an "inexhaustible card". With the new application, if the balance in İzmirim Card falls below the specified limit, an “automatic loading” will be made from the credit card in accordance with the instructions given beforehand.

The new application to be implemented by İzmir Metropolitan Municipality ends the anxiety to encounter the 'insufficient balance' warning that passengers use public transportation from time to time. ESHOT General Directorate starts the automatic filling service thanks to the advanced technological infrastructure offered by İzmirim Kart.

In order to benefit from the application called “Ballpoint Card”, it will be enough for Izmirim Card users to give “automatic filling order with credit card” for once. The user will decide on the minimum balance amount that should be on the card. Likewise, when the amount is reduced below the specified amount, the amount of loading will be at the discretion of the user. If the balance in İzmirim Card falls below the specified limit, an “automatic loading” will be made from the credit card.

Thus, passengers will not have to worry about getting the warning of “insufficient funds” while getting on public transportation. Since the existing transportation cards are compatible with the system, it is not necessary to purchase a new transportation card for this application.

Application “ isVia ”
The Ballpoint Card will also provide great convenience for Izban passengers with the “Plus Money” application. Since there will be an automatic loading on the user's card, there will be no problem in keeping the amount of balance to be blocked. Thanks to the system that will be active at any time of the day, the search for a filling dealer will end, as the balance is over.

Those who want to take advantage of the is and via ESHOT mobile applications. Izmirim Card and credit card information, the system will be started with the limit and filling amount information will be registered after the application.

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