TÜDEMSAŞ to Market Cargo Wagon to Domestic and Foreign Market

Sivas Governor David Rose, public institutions and organizations within the scope of meetings held in order to announce to the public of the activities carried out in Turkey Railway Machines Industry AŞ (TÜDEMSAŞ) received information about the work of the institutions visited.

Mehmet Başoğlu Deputy Director of TÜDEMSAŞ, projects, ongoing and planned briefing about the work of the Rose, members of the press made statements.

Gul stressed that one of the oldest and most established institutions of the railway industry in our country is TÜDEMSAŞ. and gives priority to the production of new and technological wagons. TÜDEMSAŞ has successfully completed the certification processes initiated in order to meet the technical criteria required by the European Union and various international organizations in terms of production and maintenance of wagons and has begun to produce the most ambitious freight wagons of Europe and attract the attention of foreign logistics companies, many countries have chosen to use the wagons produced here. . TUBEMSAŞ's signature can be seen in the cargo transportations in the Baku-Tbilisi-Kars railway line. Bak

Gül also touched upon the importance of the National Train Project. In The yurt New Generation National Freight Wagon in project, one of the three steps of the amacıyla National Train Project ', which was launched for the purpose of producing railway technology and exporting this technology abroad, was launched by TUDEMSAŞ in 2017. . He said.

Expressing that TÜDEMSAŞ has made significant infrastructure investments, Gül said, ğ When we do the freight wagon business well and quality, we will not need to be searched in other sectors. We will produce the wagons well and we will market it both to the domestic market and to the foreign market. Yük

II. Gül said that the companies that will do business to TUDEMSAS and showed interest to the OIZ showed interest to the companies. OSB all businesses in the world without shipping problems can realize exports expressed.

Gül stated that TÜDEMSAŞ is a worldwide brand with 750 wagon production capacity and 1800 person employment, both directly and indirectly, and the company continues its R & D activities.

Gul recalled that TÜDEMSAŞ was exporting for the first time and said the factory was competing with many countries.

Gül reiterated that the product bank was newly created and the certification process was completed, and that wagon production was carried out at the desired standards.

Stating that TUDEMSAS has realized its own supplier industry, 10 reminded that the company has been producing to TÜDEMSAŞ and that 4 is in Sivas.

Noting that railway transportation has increased, Gül said, çeken There is a need for freight wagons throughout the world. Thus, the need for TÜDEMSAŞ will gradually increase. The development of sub-industry will also contribute significantly to our province. TÜDEMSAŞ if well managed, if he can better competition, better R & D if we put both in Turkey and sell to the world. Employees of the company, managers will decide the future of TÜDEMSAŞ. If it is well managed and competitive, we will be one of the companies that are shown with finger in the world. Ilebilir

Expressing that the name of each sector TUDEMSAŞ'ın yakuşturmadığına Gül, öre The company will do the job. If we do our job well, it grows in TÜDEMSAŞ, grows in companies doing business to the company and becomes a locomotive in the city. Another benefit is this school. Here, retired personnel can do business in the market. Abilir

The standards are changed every year in the production of wagons, and TÜDEMSAŞ 13 certified different wagons produce, emphasized that the factory renews itself every year and the factory can perform wagon production near the 1500 figure except repair, he added.

Gul said the factory would produce its own energy, "TÜDEMSAŞ Turkey's annual customer and ready to 50 seen in the world. 75 market of the freight car is in Sivas. II. Together with the OIZ, we will be the hub of the freight wagons to be produced in the future and will maintain our own position. Together with our new 2 vocational high school, our infrastructure will be strengthened in terms of the intermediate element. TÜDEMSAŞ also, in Sivas, Turkey's future is bright. "Wang concluded.

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