Tram Line in İzmir Will Extend to Çiğli

At the EBSO Assembly meeting, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu, who explained the “urban transformation”, announced that the tram would extend from Çiğli İZBAN to Ata Sanayi and then to Katip Çelebi University.

Mayor Kocaoğlu, Karşıyaka Stating that the tram line will be connected to Mavişehir İZBAN and will pass through Atatürk OSB, Ata Sanayi and Katip Çelebi University as double rings.Karşıyaka Then, in the real sense, maximum benefit will be provided from the tram. ” When some councilors said, 'Can you give me a date', Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu said, “There is no date in the state or in the municipality. You get permission from 80 places. The permission of Narlıdere Metro was only released in 2 years. How will I make history? Now we are waiting for the Buca Metro, we are dealing. General Directorate of Infrastructure is under review. He went to the Ministry of Development in December. They will send it to High Planning with a cover letter. Ministers will sign, will come. Is it possible to give history in such a process? ” he spoke. Karşıyaka Speaking about the stadium, Aziz Kocaoğlu stated that it was informed that 7-8 thousand people will be standing and 7-8 thousand people will sit and watch a match, stating, “Actually, the stadium in Orneköy would sit. This did not happen. Then 'take the place we use as ESHOT garage and KarşıyakaGive stat to. We gave us the place in Ornekkoy to put our buses, we said. This did not happen either. I hope it is done. "

Günceleme: 22/12/2018 17:55

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