3rd Route to Torbalı Thanks to the President

The 2 line route of Torbalı transported to 3. 51 will not leave the street and the street where the dolmuş is in Torbalı.

Torbalı's bleeding wound became a step to relax the inner city transportation. Mayor Adnan Yaşar Görmez's work with the leadership of the district 3. Dolmuş route was put. 3. route starts from Caybaşı, town square, Tepeköy İzbe Station, Muratbey Quarter, ÖZBEY Road, Ertugrul Dortyol junction, water tank, İZSU, Vocational School for Girls, Courthouse behind, ending the bagged cemetery passed from bagged State Hospital. The minibuses follow the same route and return.


In particular, as a result of the split of the district in the IZBAN line of people living in the neighborhood of Muratbey indicating that they suffered in the Yedi Eylül Minibus Cooperative Cooperative President Halil Ozturk, edi Izban line in the second side of the train with the remaining part of the train on the other side of our citizens were experiencing difficulties when going to the new hospital. We have applied to UKOME in our work with our municipality and our muhtars. With the support of our headman 18 and with the support of our Mayor Adnan Yaşar Görmez, our new route authorization has been released. X


Öztürk stated that the 51 minibus is working alternately on the new route. “15 minibuses alternate every day on the new route by 10 minutes. Our passengers are very satisfied with both the new route and the quality of service. We are trying to provide a comfortable service to the people of Torbali as we are the drivers of the drivers. Our flights start at 06.30 in the morning and continue until 20: 00 in the evening Se.

Source : torbaliege.net

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