TMMOB, The cause of catastrophes

Union of Chambers of Turkish Engineers and Architects (TMMOB) Chamber of Civil Engineers made a press release about the train accident that occurred in Tekirdağ and killed 24 and injured 318.

The Chamber of Civil Engineers said, un The locomotive of the train and the dynamic effects of the first wagon passing over the culvert loosened the floor under the rails, causing the rails to collapse. It is understood. While the wagons of other wagons were underway, the ground had completely slipped under the rails, and the wagons were derailed and overturned with more rails. En

This event, the railway lines, the inspection and maintenance of the regular show that shows the importance of the Chamber of Civil Engineers, Criminals, not the rain, the builders, the builders and those who did not inspect the structures emphasized.

The statement, construction permits, engineers and architects have been removed from the signatures of the painful consequences of the future was underlined that the pain.

The whole statement of the Chamber of Civil Engineers is as follows:


Uzunköprü-Halkalı 12703 passenger train between 8 on July 2018 derailed in the Sarılar region of Tekirdağ province. The rear five-car wagon, consisting of a locomotive and six wagons, is derailed and derailed. The wagons of the passenger train were derailed and dragged during a passage through a grille. As a result of the accident, 24 has lost their lives and 318 has been injured.

Since the railway line cuts the stream bed, an orifice was built in this section to ensure the flow of the stream. The upper part of this culvert has been filled and the railway line has been crossed. According to the initial determinations, the passenger train was derailed due to the emptying of the fill floor between the culvert and the railway line.

The railway superstructure and infrastructure designed as a carrier system are subjected to dynamic effects during the passage of vehicles. The conditions of maintenance of the railway structure and the speed of the train determine the magnitude of the dynamic effects: the structure is neglected and the high speed of the train increases the dynamic effects. The increase in the dynamic effects (loads) causes the overburdening of the railway superstructure and infrastructure. The overloading of the rail structure creates collapses beyond the permissible limits on the tracks, which can lead to the derailment of the train. Demiryolu

Regular inspection of railway inspection and maintenance

In In the incident that took place in Tekirdağ, the locomotive of the train and the dynamic effects of the first wagon passing through the culvert loosened the floor beneath the rails and this situation caused the rails to collapse. As the wagons of other wagons continued to pass, the ground had completely slipped under the rails, and the rails were more collapsed and the wagons were derailed and overturned.

It is highly likely that the ground between the top of the vent and the rails is loose due to rainfall occurring recently and on the day of the event. Thus, the carrying power of the ground in this section is weakened and migrated with the dynamic effects that the train was subjected to during the passage of the train. It is understood that this weakening in the ground did not appear suddenly, and that the precipitation and other negative factors emerged with the cumulative effect.

This event has once again demonstrated the importance of regular inspection and maintenance of railway lines.

The authorities, as they do after each disaster, forget the essence of the subject and decide on the result! The consequences of the disasters that occur after each disaster are not emphasized. The cause-effect relationship is not taken into account!

It is seen that the railway line passes through the farmland. In areas where agricultural lands pass, the carrying capacity of the ground is weak. In the photos taken, it is seen that due to the inadequacy of the ballast and lower ballast layers, it loses its function and even disappears within the natural ground. Technically, this is called stop ballast ingestion.

Conventional railway superstructure; It consists of rail, traverse, connecting material and ballast layer. The railway infrastructure consists of sub-ballast, soil, body and natural ground. The ballast layer serves as the elastic bearing of the railway line. The lower ballast layer acts as a filter layer which prevents the penetration of fine-grained soils into the ballast layer due to the effect of water. The size of the natural ground or the rail line will be passed through; taking into account the climatic conditions and the condition of the land, the necessary reinforcement is required.

As a result; there is a serious negligence in the first place. No information regarding the collapse, collapse and slipping and discharge of the railway line was taken into account. We also want to make sure that the necessary maintenance and controls are not taken into account by taking into account the rains, and that this accident should not be attributed to only the latest rains! Ayrıca

Those who are guilty, who do it, do not inspect the buildings

Ir Guilty is not rain! Those who did, did not inspect the builders and the structures.

We think that permanent deformations in the railway superstructure, in other words, collapses and the wagons coming from the rear lose their rail-wheel contact due to the moving loads of the locomotive and the wagon in the rear, and we think that the other wagons are overturned!

Furthermore, we would like to draw the painful consequences of the removal of the signatures of engineers and architects from the building permits, and the fact that we will experience the future with this accident once again!

We would like to express our condolences to the relatives of our fellow citizens who died as Chamber of Civil Engineers and to wish them a speedy recovery. Mühendis

TMMOB Chamber of Civil Engineers
Board Of Directors

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