Ankara's Solar Car Passed Through the Metropolitan

Istanbul Technical University (ITU) students, Üniversitesi Solar Car “produced in the capital of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Assoc. Dr. They visited Mustafa Tuna.

Chairman of the Istanbul Technical University Association Association Serap Catalpinar and the board members as well as ITU students who hosted the President Tuna, Metropolitan Municipality in front of the test drive of the solar vehicle was followed.


Project Managers Omer Nezih Atalay and Team Leaders Mert Mutlu and Deniz Akgül stated that they completed their solar car with a team of 20 people in the Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI). It was a very powerful and perfect vehicle with everything. That's why we describe it as a complete Ankara. O

ITU graduates, who were also graduated from ITU, gave detailed information about the technical characteristics of the vehicle and emphasized that the vehicle has a better synomnamic and composite ratio to other solar-powered vehicles and high-efficiency solar panels.


Solar set out from the vehicle to Istanbul Canakkale, Bursa, Eskisehir and crew who 1750 km road with Ankara trip between 22-30 September by participating in the contest will be held in South Africa, will represent Turkey.

Tuna, who examined the genç Solar Car, produced by İTÜ youngsters, congratulated the young inventors for their successes and wished them success. After a long journey, ITU students who came to Ankara Metropolitan Municipality for the first time took a souvenir photo with President Tuna.

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